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  1. Jamie, I appreciate your report but at the moment it would be "lost" as we are in the middle of another development and it would be almost impossible to jump between the projects. Thank you Vic
  2. Jamie, Currently there is no such a list. After we finish the current projects we will come back and post a list and even ask for requests. Thank you Vic
  3. Sorry Allan, but we don't provide support for the editor. It's supplied as is.
  4. When we plan to make a new version of Tracon likely we'll run a post about feature requests. Please make sure to check back here and to our Facebook page for more information
  5. Please update your video card's driver to the latest one.
  6. Nyerges Design just delivered Real Color KORD so expect it to be released soon. We are preparing KEWR for Tower! to be released ASAP.
  7. Please locate tracon.exe right click on it and select Run As Administrator. Thank you
  8. Did you try to click on the installed exe file or the installer? Thank you
  9. Jamie, Just like we did with Tower we will contact you folks for a list of fixes, requests when the time will be right. Thank you
  10. Jamie, What you describe is not a New York issue. We are aware of some and we plan to fix them in a new version. Dynamic weather is pretty much a wind generator that would force the landing and takeoff runways to change based on realistic wind conditions. KORD is on our ToDo list :) Thank you
  11. Jerry, This is the feelThere forum. For Wilco products please visit their forum. Thank you
  12. You can click on a strip of any plane and it will un-stuck . Thank you
  13. We would need the log file from both of you from the same session. Thank you
  14. Would you please try to reinstall the software?
  15. Yes, you need to leave some time for the sim to warm up. We are aware of that and this is one of the top priority we wish to change for future versions of the sim.
  16. When did you purchase the product? If I remember correctly we fixed this 9/09 issue a while ago. Also would you please try it with the Real Traffic add-on too with realistic plane performances? Thank you
  17. We are working hard on that. I'll try to post a screenshot as soon as I can. The product is still in development and on schedule.
  18. I'm kindly asking you to please follow the forum rules and note the product in question in the title.
  19. Another issue would be the issuing of altitudes. If you give an altitude of 12 thousand (or any other alt) often the hundreds portion will fluctuate significantly if you let go of the PTT button too soon. Is this something that can be fixed or is it a MS speech recognition issue? Jamie this is something that we see it too and wish to fix for the next version. Thank you Vic
  20. Working on the release of New York Sector for Tracon! 2012

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