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  1. Thanks Scoob , Appreciate your advice
  2. thanks so much , so any idea if there is a much deference between window 10 and window 10pro , and which one is much better .
  3. yes , that is what i am asking about , because currently i am using window XP which is working perfect with the simulator as a very accurate and realistic voice recognition .i guess because the concept of using the VR in window XP is totally different than other window that comes after XP .
  4. Hi everyone I'm going to buy a new PC, but since I am currently working on windows XP for perfect voice recognition, I'm confused about which window I should actually buy for voice recognition realistically without any problems or crashes, and I really appreciate any advice which is the best window that works Perfectly than others. Regards, Raad.
  5. your welcome press the center mouse and move the mouse around
  6. Its The Tab key , NO Wonder ALL The FeelThere Is A bout Tower Sim That's All . Even we Use to here About Acc Simulator but that long time a go not anymore . i am A Tracon Guy , i LOVE Approach And Acc Never tryed Tower before
  7. Yes I am a wear about the 30 degrees maximum 40 degrees to establish , but what i am saying it should combined as one clearance as a real ATC clearance usually issuing to the aircraft / DAL123 TURN RIGHT HEADING 230 CLEARED ILS RWY 26R APPROACH . especially when the airspace get really busy you cant defined this in to separate clearance . So i hope in the future this suggestion taken in consideration .
  8. Hi everyone . Is there anyway that we can edit an approach command In one sentence ' DAL**turn right heading*** clear ILS RWY 28 Approach' Regards. Raad
  9. Talking About multiplayer.I suggest if a section could be created in the forum for those Who are interested to interact with others and get connected as multiplayer . Raad.
  10. Thanks Kev , Never Thought About it Even Though I am Mostily Using The AirspeedEd.exe File , It Works Well Now I appreciate it Raad
  11. Hi is it possible to combine these two clearance in once to be as real approach clearance that we always hear in normal life e.g turn right heading *** cleared ILS RWY *** Approach i appreciate if there is any way to modify such an essential clearance that well first represent the reality as well as reduce the work load in a rush hour . otherwise all command and description of aircraft reaction are the best Regards . Raad
  12. actually since i haven't received specific answer for a corrective solution I switched from window 8 to window XP , and i am having 100% voice recognition
  13. I found out the traffic comes from BUBIN ( South east ) Never Transferred to approach , it keeps descending Until comes Overhead the airport . Can we fixed this problem ?
  14. Hi I Notice it On The South East Arrival , Traffic Keeps Maintaining (11000FT) Until Established Almost 8 Miles Final ( 7000FT) Without Transferring From ACC To Approach . Is There anyway To Overcome This Issue , Or AM i Missing Something . Regards .
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