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  1. I got it to work just now! I just realized that running the game as administrator should be done by right click on the Tower.exe icon! So now that I got pilots voice working next thing I will figure out is "voice recognition". I may be back with more questions... Thanks for all your support up to now! Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi there, I managed to get the voice preview working for Zira, David and Mark voices. I unistalled and reinstalled English US lanugage pack. I uninstalled and reinstalled Tower 3D! PRO. I ran the game as administrator. I rechecked all my sound settings. But still I dont hear any pilot voices when playing the game. I only hear the environment and airplane sounds. I am clueless what else to do at this point.
  3. Yes, I have full Admin rights. Re sound I hear the music when entering the Tower 3D! main menu and I also hear the enviornment background (seagulls, vehicels) but I just dont hear pilots speaking. Here are some screenshots of my sound settings. I didnt find any place where I could manage sound settings specifically for Tower 3D. On "Speech" settings I detected something interesting though. I read in other posts that it is recommended to use the voice "Microsoft Zira", however I hear noting when I select "Preview voice" whereas I do hear a voice using "Microsoft George" and some others. Unfortunately I still dont hear any pilots regardless of the voice I am selecting... So, problem still not resolved for me. Appreciate any further ideas on this.
  4. Hi, no the pilot speech never worked before. I am just trying to get started.
  5. HI, I cant hear the voice of pilots in Tower 3D! Pro. Sound is active, I can hear the start up music of Tower and also the environment. But no pilots speaking. I have read the instructions in the beginning of this thread but I am wondering whether it is really necessary to activate Cortana and do Voice recognition training etc. if I want to play Tower 3D using mouse commands only and not by voice recognition. Hope someone can help.
  6. Thanks, I guess command shortcuts like in Tower 2011! are also possible in 3D version, correct? I purchased Tower 3D! PRO and unfortunately found out that keyboard command are not possible anymore...
  7. Hi there, Are command entries possible by keyboard in Tower 3D Non-Pro version ?
  8. Yes, I did. See attachments. But it seems there must be even a more basic setting in my Windows 10 installation which recognizes my system language as German....but I have no clue where to modify this.
  9. Hello, unfortunately no one replied to my question... I also installed Tower2011! on my friend's PC which is also running on Windows10 and the problem is the same. The computer voice still talks English voice with terrible German accent. I still hope anyone has an idea how to resolve this. Cheers, Jan
  10. Hi, Starting Tower2011! first time under Windows 10 I realized that the computer voice of ATC repititions sounds like English with a funny german accent. My default voice setting on Windows 10 was set to German. But even after I changed the voice to ^Microsoft Zira Mobile^ under *Text-to-speech* the voice is still terrible. I also tried to set my ^Region^ and ^Language^ settings to ^English^ (and of course restart my PC) but it wont work. I never had such a problem on Windows 7. Just for info, I dont use voice recognition, I am always typing my commands on the keyboard. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this ? Jan
  11. Hello, Does anyone know whether there is an update available for the "Real Traffic" schedules and maybe even for the aircraft and airports datafile ? I'd like to play the latest airports based on the actual airlines, flights and real arrival- and departure times. I have seen and reviewed the "schedule creator" mentioned in this forum but these flights are not representing the "real" arrival- and departure times of the flights. Cheers Jan
  12. Hello Dick, Thanks for your fast response. Re 1) Actually now it works. I simply forgot to put the "\" after the drive (I put d:Tower2011\RDU_schedule.txt). Now I tried d:\Tower2011\RDU_schedule.txt and of course it works... ;-) Re 2) OK, thanks for info. I expected that and now also saw it after I looked at my first created schedule above. Appreciate you working on the version including real flights. That's what I am looking for! Cheers Jan
  13. Hello, I have 2 questions: 1) After creating the schedule for a specific airport I can not find it in the filepath I specified. What could I have done potentially wrong ? 2) I read that "SC will create up to 2880 flights (one every 30 seconds for 24 hours!) at any of the 15 released Tower! 2011 airports except St. Thomas." If flight schedule data is based on "real" flight info from "FlightAware" how come that I can select number of flights, operating hours (0-24) and even flight numbers ? Wouldnt that mean that fake flights would be created instead of creating real flights and flight numbers that actually occur ? Jan
  14. Thanks for the hint. I updated my video driver and now it works again! Appreciated! Jan
  15. Hello, When I start Tower! then the main menu screen is wildly flashing and trying to select an airport starts loading the airport scenery but the game doesnt start. Recently my PC crashed and I installed both Windows 7 and also installed Tower 2011! once again. I never used to have this problem with my previous installations. Technical specs: Windows 7 Home Premium - Service Pack 1 32-Bit system Processor: Intel® Core i3 CPU 550@ 3.20GHz RAM: 4,00 GB (2,99GB usable) I hope someone can help me. Thanks and Regards Jan
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