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  1. Pete, My apologies Whilst changing from P3DV4 to P3Dv5 and Running my electric Trim It appears the Coupling between the encoder and Stepper has come loose. With your post Above I thought better of a software issue and re-evaluated my troubleshooting process and found the failure. This teaches us to re-evaluate the issues and don't make assumptions until you have fully verified the causes prior to posting possible Bugs. (With new versions many of us tend to make assumptions that waste others time) again my apologies. Trev
  2. Wonderful, Thanks as always Pete. I will just utilize the ipc.display function for monitoring for now. All I can say is trim works in P3DV4 and not working in P3Dv6 with the same LUA File.. But of course, perhaps My Lua file has something else in it that P3Dv5 doesn't like. I will continue with the troubleshooting. Perhaps, there is something overwriting the Trim Value. I have external Controllers disabled in P3D as I only use UIPC for Controls. Perhaps there is something else holding it out. Best regards Trev
  3. Evening Gentleman, Just to report a couple of issues since installing V6. #1 The following ipc.control for Trim does not seem to have any effect anymore. Would something in the Lua IPC.Control facility have changed with V6? Alas, I however can report that the keyboard assignments still work to change the trim in the Project Magenta FMC, which brings me to the second issue. I thought I would change from the IPC.Control to value = ipc.readUW (0x0bc0); Value = Value + 200; ipc.writeUW ((0x0bc0), value); for Increase Trim. I however wanted to check if the offset was changing with the ipc.control command first to identify what was going on. I decided to Launch Interrogate to make sure that the offset was working, and alas can't run setup fields in the 3-scan locator, due to the following access violation error. I am running the Interrogate facility with administrator privileges. Thanks, Trev
  4. Without John (Now) & Pete (Previous) We would all be in DEEEP Trouble. I am just Glad development and support is still available.
  5. Morning John, Could you please provide for us with an additional marketplace to Pay the Upgrade price for FSUIPC6 as Simmarket does not have the utility available for purchase. Therefore downloading it and installing it is moot. Thanks
  6. Thanks Pete for the quick response. I appreciate the more urgent needs that are upon us, and I am so thankful for your support over the years. I commend you for your retirement, I still have a few years to go prior to me being able to think about that. I will also thank you for passing the legacy on, so many of us will still be able to benefit from that which has made this hobby a possibility. Please Sir, Enjoy your retirement. In the interim, for those people researching this topic in future, I got around this by abandoning the simconnect window and instead using the lua facilities to write to a text file, then manipulating the text file to suit my needs. Best regards to all. Trev
  7. Hi Pete, With Regard to ipc.lineDisplay(“Failure Message”, -5) Are there any facilities at present to set background color and text color in the simconnect lua Message window? in p3dV4 at this time? I read in the manual ipc.display had colour settings but appeared based on your notes to not be available to V4 at this time. Thanks, Trev
  8. Than thats the Ticket. I will put my tail between my legs and walk away in Shame. Thanks for the help, I guarantee that is my issue. Going to send the message as Host.Sendbyte instead with a length of 2. Sorry to have dragged you into this so needlessly, sometimes we are all the creator of our own problems. Have a great day!
  9. The King air according to FSInterogate acts as a Jet, Its turbine so as ITT Rises and N2 Rotation you inject the fuel same as you woudl the 737. For giggles, I may try the "Mo Gas Switch and see if that makes a difference" I had a business dinner that came up unexpectedly last evening, so I will try again tonight. Thanks for all your help Pete, I appreciate the effort. TomR Mentioned to me Yesterday that it could be that I don;t have the message as a Short Integer, I gather from him the length is only 2, If I was sending the message incorrectly could it be possible that it only works half way? or if the message was not being sent correctly Nothing would happen? I am using a different interface and in the code for that interface I am using - Host.SendValue("0892",1) and Host.SendValue("0892",0) Probably means nothing to you, but in any case, I will see if I can play some more. This Cockpit stuff hasn't beaten me in 16 Years, It won't start Now. Trev
  10. Thanks Pete, I forgot to mention FSUIPC 4.936 and FSX Yes, when the starter is introduced and N2 Rotation to 5% Induce the fuel (Mixture pot) Engine starts and will run for as long as I hold the starter. Once I release the starter the engine Dies. I have yet to install the FSX Service Packs which I will do tonight, but was just crious if I had missed something else. I will run the logger tonight and report back.
  11. Hi Pete, Been racking my brain for the past 2 days, and wondering if you can assist. Fsinterogate (3-Scan) shows x0892 0 1 0 & x3B00 for engine start when default King Air Engine starts. However, when I program a switch for x0892 Value =1 when on, and Value = 0 when off If I hold the switch until Combustion and release the switch, the engine shuts off even after fuel is induced. x3B00 Does no function whatsoever. doing the same with the mouse on the default KA350 Panel the engine keeps running. Engine #2 x092A behaves in the same manor. Any thoughts? Trev
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