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  1. I have the Steam version, and you are correct. Let me know if you need the location of any folders, I'd be happy to help.
  2. Hi John, thanks for taking the time. FSIUP does not seem to see the mode switch in the buttons and switches assignments. Changing it between modes doesn't show anything in the "Joy#" boxes at the top. I can assign things to a button, but those assignments stick across all modes. I don't have that exact file, but I do have one similar, so I'm guessing it's what you mean. It's called: SaiD053C.pro. It appears to be some sort of base level default profile. The button limit might an issue. The default windows game controllers utility doesn't list numbers for the throttle buttons, but there
  3. Curious, and my reading here didn't see any potential answers. I have a Saitek X56, and the Throttle has a mode switch. Does FSUIPC recognize this so I can use the mode switch to program a button with different commands? A quick test seems to show I can't.
  4. I came here looking for this exact question. There's so many buttons that don't have mappings it seems.
  5. Errr, but it does/did. I see you released an update for it. No offense, but I give you a bug report that definitely shows it was caused by the program (and verified by many others on forums) and that's the kind of response?
  6. Using this with the Steam Edition, is causing a problem with not being able to turn knobs. Default C172 used, unable to use either the mouse or the assigned keys. Removing the .dll (and not loading FSUIPC) restore functionality.
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