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  1. Hello here is my code and it works am Using the offset 0x9000 to communicate outside with Visual C++ program. function compresseur(offset,val) if(val==0) then val=0 else val=1 end ipc.writeLvar("L:kompresszor", val) end event.offset("9000","UB","compresseur") It works perfectly thaks for your recommandations. Regards
  2. It means that if I want to write Visual C++ program to interface owner modules, we can't access to Lvars ? The only solution is to write some coes in LUA level ? Regards
  3. Is there document explaining the difference between Lvars, offsets ..etc Regards
  4. Hello thanks Alot. Sorry I made confusion because the returned ID of the ipc.getLvarId("L:kompresszor") call return ID thats value is 0 to 65535. It means that its another memory space. But if getLvarId ixist what I can do with the ID ? nothink ? Thanks alot for your Help.
  5. Thank you for your response. I did some thing like thise and I understood that the ID of LVARS correspond to Offset of the FIUIPC blackboard memory If not, how can I access to the variable with offset or like offset without using named Lvar ? Regards
  6. Hello, I am looking for offset controling the compressor for Zlin Aeroplane model. I found that the Lvar is L:kompresszor When I execute in lua : vvr = ipc.getLvarId("L:kompresszor") the value vvr is 115 thats rgal 0073 in Hex Suppose the compressor is ON (=1) when I call ipc.writeUB(vvr,0) No thing in the compressor When I call ipc.writeLvar("L:kompresszor", 0) It works perfectly and the compressor go to OFF. Why I cannot call the compressor variable with wrtieUB ? is there mistakes ? Regards

    for totaly retracted Flaps the value is 0 for 1°F flaps level the value is arround 5000. these values don"t work and flaps stay in level 2 In other hand value corresponding to position 3 and Full works perfectly this is for SIMLAB A320 but all flaps works for Aerosoft, wilco ....etc
  8. Hello,

    I need Help, Am professor in university of Paris Orsay And Am looking  to use Microcontrollers to interface FSX directly without writing code in PC.

    The aim is to acces Offset and controls from serial COM port directly.

    For exemple, µC can send message to write the offsets and can create events on some offsets when their value changes.

    Is there any Dll or soft doing that ?


    PS : Its for students projects Undergraduate and graduate level.



    Hello, thanks and sorry for my mistake. I shortcuted LVAR flaps with its offset. I know that I am dealing with the god of FSUIPC and that I have to be very careful about the terms I use (LOL) The Flaps Var works and I can see the values when I use keyboard control or mouse in graphic view. but I can't write directly the value of 1+F and 0 Flaps value in Simlab PLane. It works perfectly in all Microsoft models, Aerosoft and wilco models. Thanks for your response regards
  10. FSUIPC FSLABS A320 P3Dv4

    Hello, I have problem with flaps I control them by using special card (mine) and it works on all models except FSL with hazard comportement I seen that we have 0xBDC LVAR control for flaps when I send higer value it works for 12742 flaps2 14563 flaps3 and 16383 FULL but it don't work and value dont change when sending 5461 for Flaps1 and 0 for all retracted. Have you got some information ? Regards

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