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  1. willy648

    P3D V4 (answered)

    Just switch to Little Navmap. It is free, does all (and more) FSC does, works with P3Dv4 and has excellent support.
  2. Meanwhile I switched to a free alternative (little navmap) . Works great with p3dv4, provides same functionality as FSC and superb support. Sorry, not coming back
  3. Ok, thanks guys. I will try these options
  4. New to fsuipc, so excuse me if dumb question :) Can I assign one button to perform multiple actions in the sim. Silly example: press button 1 to lower gear + set landing lights + set airbreaks Using p3dv4 and pmdg
  5. willy648

    Key only works once

    Pete, just to let you know that the trick with press to x+y then release to x works fine Many thanks
  6. willy648

    Key only works once

    This was on a pmdg737. I have now tried this with a default aircraft (Baron - P3D v3.4) Same result. The button only works the first time pressed. The throttle preset values 10, 20, 30 etc work fine.
  7. I want to setup a button for 'throttle set' with a value of 800. This works ok, but only once. I you press the button a second time, it does nothing. Same result if I assign a key press. Also profile specific or not gives the same outcome. Also tried 'axis throttle set' with same result.
  8. I am using FSX now, but changing to X-Plane, version 10, 64bit (I find it just so much better) I seem to remember fsc will no longer work if FSX is removed. Is this still correct ? And if so, is there any work around ? And, are there any plans to link this great tool to x-plane in the future ?

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