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  1. Pete; Just an update to let you know that works fine. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Pete; As always, thankyou so much for your attention to this. And for such a fantastic, and usefull module. I will look for the newer interim release right now. I'm also using SB4 at this point. If you need the SB3 package let me know and I can send it to you.
  3. Hi Pete; Here's the info from the "more information" link... AppName: fs9.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.5755 Offset: 0001b21a My default flight is the original one, C172 at KSEA. The other modules that I know of are bglman.dll v1.0.0.60, FSSound.dll v1.5.0.1, LegacyHUD.dll v1.2.0.1 from Feelthere, PMDGOptions.dll v1.0.2.0, sb3guagebridge.dll, and the squawkbox 4.0 dlls.
  4. Hi Pete; Just updated to and Flight Simulator 9.1 now crashes during launch. I get the splash screen for a while, then that dissapears, and several seconds later I get the "Flight Simulator as encountered a problem and needs to close" message. I had not recently installed anything else. I reverted back to and FS9 launches fine. Just thought you should know.
  5. I always worry when I post thing like this that I've made some stupid mistake and I'm just going to bother you with it. I tried to make sure I had checked every other possibility first. Thanks for you quick attention, I'll go get the new version and check it out right now. Thanks again.
  6. Hi Peter; This is mostly just to inform you of a possible bug or change since version 3.85. The PMDG 737 has a unique keyboard command to activate TOGA. The command is ctrl+shift+G. I've always used FSUIPC to assign this keyboard command to a button on my joystick. Up through version 3.85 this has always worked fine. But with version 3.853 with the same assignment, pressing the button on the joystick raises or lowers the landing gear. It's as if the ctrl+shift part are not being sent, only the G part. I've reverted back to 3.85 to solve the issue for now but I thought you might need to know. Thanks.
  7. Hi Peter; Just wanted to mention that every version of FSUIPC since 3.70 has caused my FS9 to crash to desktop at completely random times during flights. I do all my flights on VATSIM with SB3 so I haven't tested this behavior offline. If I return to 3.70 all is well again. If there's anything I can do to help narrow this down please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Hi Pete; Once again I want to thank you for all your attention to this issue. I've been using 3.514 and everything is working just great. One suggestion I would make is when you make this a general release maybe you should make it 3.52. That way only the interim releases would have 4 digits and be easily distinguishable from general releases. Just a thought.
  9. Only had time for two flights tonight. But my initial reaction is that 3.512 seems to work very well for me. I'll do more extensive testing probably over the weekend. Thanks again for all of your efforts and attention to this.
  10. Hi Pete; It might not be that bad. Here's a quote from the ASVE user's guide: Disable Direct Wind Control – Disables the DWC wind system in ASV. This system, when not disabled, corrects for FS9’s erroneous wind direction changes by forcing wx as computed by ASV at all times. Depends on ASV running for correct wind depiction. So it looks as if Damian Clark of HiFi software may have been trying to fix the same problem. So now the double fix recreates the problem. So it looks as if users should just disable his or yours when running ASVE and FSUIPC together. I've tried it both ways, ASVE 'direct wind control' disable with FSUIPC 'aircraftwindrev' set to 'Yes' = works fine, ASVE 'direct wind control' enabled with FSUIPC 'aircraftwindrev' set to 'No' = works fine. I'll continue testing and see if either method works better.
  11. Second prelim report; Also as you thought, turning off ASVE 'direct wind control' while using FSUIPC 3.5.1, also resolves the TAS vs. GS reverse effect issue. I'm off to read the ASVE docs on what that control was originally intended for. I think I like the option you've put in the .ini file of So hopefully you'll go with that. Thanks so much for a great piece of software and being so responsive, and yes, I'm a proud, registered, user.
  12. Just a preliminary report; Just as you thought, with version of FSUIPC, ASVE (build 367), PMDG 737NG or default 737-400; AircraftWindRev=No = correct TAS vs. GS behavior AircraftWindRev=Yes = incorrect (reversed) TAS vs. GS behavior BTW I do all of these test flights by climbing to a cruise of FL360 and then flying directly into the wind to eliminate the need for a trig calc. I didn't include the specific because I'm going to do some more testing including your mention of the ASVE parameter regarding 'direct wind control'.
  13. Hi; Just to reinforce that I also believe that there is a significant change between FSUIPC 3.50 and 3.51. Here are my 3 posts from the AVSIM Active Sky forum. post #1 I want to add that I'm also getting some very strange wind behavior with ASVE since I upgraded to FSUIPC 3.51. I had a direct headwind of 98 knots, but with a true airspeed of 450 my ground speed was 398 knots, not right. With FSUIPC 3.50 everything was find. With FS weather themes the numbers came out right. I'm about to do a test flight with FS real world weather to see what that does. I'll report back in a few. post #2 Ok, I've done a bit more testing and the descrepancy on the ND of the PMDG 737 concerning wind,TAS, and GS is only when running ASVE and FSUIPC 3.51. FSUIPC 3.51 with FS real world weather, or an FS weather theme shows the correct TAS vs. GS based on the winds. FSUIPC 3.50 with ASVE, FS real world weather, or an FS weather theme shows correct TAS vs. GS based on the winds. post #3 Hi Jim; Ok just complete the test you suggested. Used the default 737-400 cruising at FL320 with ASVE weather and FSUIPC 3.51. heading: 259 wind: 259 at 46kts true airspeed: 436kts ground speed: 467kts Still not correct.
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