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  1. Here's a Mesa 170 in United Express: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=215910
  2. https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=217121
  3. No worries 😉. The quality of your paints is top notch and I didn't want to let a small detail detract from the overall work. Now she's perfect.
  4. Alaska paintjob looks great but I think there's a problem with the alpha layer. The windows should not be painted over, they should be transparent.
  5. There's a JetBlue E190 that has been on the aircraft download page since release.
  6. This was taken directly from an E170 AOM: "Under no ice detected with “ALL” selected on the REF A/I line and the ice protection selector knob set to the AUTO position, the wing anti-ice system is activated when wheel speed is greater than 40 knots and remains activated until 1700 ft above ground level or 5 minutes after liftoff, whichever happens first."
  7. I only have the 175 and 195 but I just tested the 195 multiple times and it does the same thing.
  8. Was doing a flight the other day a taking off during a snow storm and had selected 'REF A/I' to ON in the TRS page of the FMS before departure since I was getting an "Icing Condition" on the center display however some time after taking off and climbing and leaving the cloud layer containing the "ice," the white messages displaying that the system was still active did not go away. I confirmed that the anti-ice system was using bleed air via the status anti-ice page on the MFD. Even after reaching cruise of FL310 in clear, sunny conditions, the white system message remained. So, a few minutes ago I decided to see if I could replicate the issue with NO 3rd party weather add-ons and encountered the same issue. Here are the steps I used to replicate. This on the latest version of Prepar3d (v4.5) and I was able to do it consistently with the 175: 1. Load up the simulator. 2. selected the "clear skies" weather scenario. 3. loaded the E-175 into the P3d default airport (KVPS) 4. on the FMS TRS page, selected REF A/I to ALL, ATTCS to ON, FLEX to ON and ECS to ON and used 15C as the remperature. 5. started, the engines, turned off the APU, set flaps for departure and climbed in clear conditions (15 degrees C on the ground to start) all the way to FL320 while having the anti-icing system active. The white text reads "A-I ENG 1-2 VLV OPEN," "A-I WING VLV OPEN," and "ENG TDS REF A-I ALL." The only way to turn the system off was to depress the engine 1, wing, and engine 2 toggles from the overhead panel. That turned the system off but the white system message also stayed. Didn't matter if I switched to CLB-1, CLB-2 or CRZ (I usually leave it on AUTO).\ (These screenshots are from my test flight) 2020-2-10_19-20-2-326.tiff 2020-2-10_19-20-24-685.tiff
  9. Edit: Found the answer to what I was looking for.
  10. Also, this can easily be remedied in-sim by using these keys: Elevation Up : Hold SHIFT, press ENTER Elevation Down : Hold SHIFT, press BACKSPACE Left : hold CTRL+SHIFT, press BACKSPACE Right : hold CTRL+SHIFT, press ENTER Forward : hold CTRL, press BACKSPACE Back : hold CTRL, press ENTER It does not save these values and you must press this combination each time you load an aircraft.
  11. This has been brought up before and it's hopefully something they address.
  12. There seems to be a gap in the winglet/sharklet of the E175 model. Happens on all repaints.
  13. I had this issue once as well. Make sure the path is " feelThere PIC E190\sound\(soundfiles)" and there isn't another sound folder within it. You don't want it to be " feelThere PIC E190\sound\sound\(soundfiles)"
  14. I have to temporary disable windows defender when I load up the 175 or the 195. It was that way for v2 and for the ERJ145. No other work arounds seem to alleviate the issue for me. It sucks but it's not a huge deal.
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