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  1. There should be an easy fix because it accepts it when typed out but if you say 'TAXIWAY MIKE ONE SIX" nothing. Also if I direct an aircraft to runway 26L and say VIA FOXTROT it doesn't understand the command but if I say "AT ECHO ONE ONE VIA FOXTROT" it recognizes FOXTROT. So only if directing it to an entry point before a via point. I am running into many of these and it's not a voice recognition issue because most commands work but certain ones never work and these are 2 examples. So there must be somewhere to change this. If anyone knows how to do it let me know! One other frustrating thing I am encountering is issuing a exit. On many occasions I get the response "Unable to land. The runway is too short" and then the aircraft either exits at that same exit point or a closer one?? So if landing on 27l and I direct to exit at N4 I will get the message and then it exits at that same exit or at N6 which is even a shorter landing! Not sure if you have encountered that. Thanks Dom
  2. Here are 3 in the first few minutes of the game. Hope that helps. Also voice recognition for certain taxiways do not work. i.e. Call-sign, runway 27R at M16. The M16 is not recognized unless typed in. There are few I have encountered but this is one example of one that does not work ever. Is there a way I am able to adjust this in the programming? Thanks!!
  3. This one is crazy. Scroll down for the best times...Enjoy Fyi...you will need to add FDX and UPS to Terminal_GA if you want cargo flights klax_schedule.txt
  4. Hi Dick! I have been using schedule creator 24V1 for Tower 3D pro and it works great! My only question is that i don't get any Fedex or UPS flights. I added them to Terminal GA and now I see about 3 aircraft at the gates but they never seem to arrive or depart. I have even started the game at a time when there were about 9 lines of Fedex schedules listed and not one came up during the game. Was wondering if you have any suggestions? Thanks again! Dom Just as I post this a Fedex flight arrives! So looks like it finally recognized it! Funny enough the whole hour passed with no flights and when the second hour showed up in came in.
  5. I find that if you follow Vic's instructions it works fine. The only problems I am encountering is recognition of certain taxiways. For example in KLAX if I state Hold Position at Taxiway Charlie 10, it does not recognize it. It tries to force a different taxiway. Only way to force it is to type it in. And it does this with various taxiways. Not sure if anyone has found a fix?
  6. I noticed that if using multiple screens that you can not type on the strip. It has to be on the main screen. Just one for the list. Although preference for the list would be that it change to where the aircraft is at any point automatically. :-)
  7. Thanks for the reply. Tried that before posting with no success. I uninstalled it a couple more times and rebooted the system and finally it worked.
  8. I just uninstalled and installed SP3. Where are the "extensions" and "airfields" folder? I looked in every folder and can't find it. Unable to add KATL
  9. I just uninstalled and installed SP3. Where is the extensions folder and airfields folder? I looked in every folder and can't find it. Unable to add KATL
  10. Is it normal that the STRIP does not change to TAXI after PUSHBACK? It seems that after PUSHBACK it never changes so looks like all aircraft are pushing back. Would be nice if it would change to TAXI. Even nicer with the current taxiway it is on as it moves.
  11. Hi All! I am am looking for a new computer and I am looking for advice from all of you who are having an amazing experience with Tower!3D Pro. I’m looking specifically for your computer specs (processor, graphics card, ram, memory etc.). My experience with it is horrible but I know that I need to upgrade so I want to make sure I have the right system without killing the wallet. Thanks in advance!
  12. I could have waited! But it's greatly appreciated!!! Thank you and congratulations on your son's wedding!
  13. GeForce GT420, 1GB Video Memory 3GB Shared
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