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A/T PSS747-400 and PFC Throttle Quadrant

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Hi Pete!

I have a big problem with the Boeing 747-400 from PSS in FS2002 and the Throttle Quadrant. I can use the Levers for flying manually but if I want to use the Auto-Throttle it doesn't work. The announcements on the Flight Display say A/T engaged, but the engines stay at idle.

It seems if the PFC Throttle overrules the Auto-Throttle of the plane.

Do you have an idea? If I deactivate the Throttle Quadrant an start FS2002 and the PSS747 once again it works. Only if I activate COM1 in pfc.dll I have no Auto-Throttle.

With other aircrafts (DF737) the A/T work without problems. Could the new version of pfc.dll help? I'll try...

Best regards,


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It seems if the PFC Throttle overrules the Auto-Throttle of the plane.

The most likely possibility is that you have set the option to "suppress possible interference from Game Port throttles", on the Main Options page of PFC. As it says in the documentation "the suppression cannot be on by default because Wilco’s 767PIC (and others) uses the same input controls to operate the auto-throttle." -- perhaps this also applies to PSS aircraft?

Otherwise, the A/T getting overruled is often a symptom of jitter on the axes, but this shouldn't really be applying to the PFC gear, especially not with the smoothing incorporated recently. Where do you 'park' the PFC throttle levers when using A/T? Certainly the PFC driver will only be sending throttle values to FS when there are changes, so jitter does sound a possibility. Try calibrating the levers with good "dead" zones at both ends, so you can park them at full throttle and at idle and be sure that no changes are being sent.



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Oh, the option "suppress possible interference from Game Port throttles" could be the reason. I'm using a PFC Yoke with built-in Throttle with Gameport-Connection and with this function I can use the C152 Yoke, or the Levers for bigger aircrafts.

If I deactivate this option I must give the Throttle from the Yoke a dead-zone, that I have no jitters.

I will try it in this way and tell you.

Many thanks,


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