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Load aircraft from an external aplication using FSUIPC

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I've been tying to find a way of loading an aircraft using FSUIPC, but didn't find anything related with this; I came up with a solution that involves a creation of a file with a fictitious flight situation and then loading it using FSUIPC. It's working but I'd like to know if anybody knows of a different solution?

Best regards

Armando Chibante

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I've been tying to find a way of loading an aircraft using FSUIPC

Sorry, I don't know any way to do that other than by calling the Load Flight routine. In FS2004 there is a "reload aircraft" control which you could send via FSUIPC, but that doesn't change the aircraft, only reloads the current one (presumably to reset its systems or conduct repairs).



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armando, i would like to know a bit more about your program ?

I presume you create separate flights with all your aircraft, and just load the flight then ? that way, you have loaded a different aircraft, and all you've got to do then, is change the long/latitude & clock at what it was before.

Maybe there's another way by sending keystrokes or something ? Kinda like a macro that goes trough the menus.



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Hi Wim,

the solution is associated with two main factors:

- with FSUIPC you can load a flight;

- you can open a flight with a text editor and examine its contents;

By examining a flight, you find several sections, but the most important for the moment is one called [Plane.0] with something like this:


Aircraft=Beech Baron 58

If you create a file with only those lines and with a different a/c, when you load the flight it will change the a/c without changing anything else.

With this in mind, with your programing language, you can create a temporary file on disk, write those lines to the file, load the flight (aircraft) and then delete the file.

I use this on a program with a big timetable and aircrafts associated wih each flight; after choosing the flight, the user doubleclick the aircraft and load it.

I'm using VB6; if i can help in anything else...

Best regards

Armando Chibante

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