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Offset 3365 question

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I would like a little more information concerning the usage of offset 3365 which (by indication of the FSUIPC documentation) tells calling applications when the Flight Simulator is in a "frozen" state due to menu access or modal dialog.


Joshua Robertson

3D Softworks Design Studios

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I would like a little more information concerning the usage of offset 3365

It's accuracy seems to be in a little doubt, which I'm trying to get clarified (see thread "Paused when in menus"), but here's the proposed entry in the Programmer's Guide for offset 3365:



"In Menu or Dialog" flag. This byte is non-zero when FS is effectively

paused because the user accessed the Menu, or is in a dialogue resulting

from menu or other selection activity.

The non-zero values are:

1 = FS frozen because of menu activity

2 = FS frozen because of modal dialogue

Both bits may be set in dialogues accessed through the menu. Note that the

2 bit may flicker a little on exit from the dialogue, due to the way it is detected.

In FS2004 the byte at 3364 should also be considered when using this

flag-there are some conditions, like reloading scenery or aircraft or

flights, which effectively freeze the sim in ways not detectable except by

the method used for the "ready to fly" indicator.





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