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Unable to Register WideFS

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Good Day Pete,

I had purchased FSUIPC under a now expired e-mail adress and when I purchased WideFS today, the registaion number was not being accepted. The current registered FSUIPC has my old e-mail address and the registetion # for the newly purchased WideFS is under my new.

Also, Do I need to give you my updated e-mail adress for any future issues?

What do I need to do Pete? Thank you

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Just wanted to let you know that Simmarket was able to help me out.

Oh, good! How did you get them to do that? I would like to advise others what to do in similar circumstances -- up till now it has been a bit of a palaver for both parties.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Not wasted, do not worry.



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Good day Pete,

What I had to do is write a trouble ticket at Simmarket ( they have a link for it ). Explained to them that I had purchased FSUIPC under a defuct email adress and had later purchased FSWide under my current and new e-mail adress. ( I had also changed my e-mail profile with them earlier )

The next day, Simmarket sent me a new registration code to my new e-mail adress but this time, they attatched the old email adress in the new code.

I hope that I havent blundered in explaining this.

Have a good day Pete,


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