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Problem with AIBridge

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I wrote to jcboliveira.

but his solution doesn't workAnd it doesn't find any game to join...

... I use FS2004. Is that the problem?

Sorry, I know nothing at all about AIBridge, and I've never used Multiplayer. None of the pictures you included mean anything to me.

Have you got the latest version, from Jose's page?


I don't see any place to write my password

Password? Does it need a password? Sorry, this is most certainly something I know nothing about.



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But AIBridge3 doesn't allow to use a password.


I don't think Jose visits here often these days -- he replied earlier because I sent him a note. You might want to try contacying him via the "email" button on his message.



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I can't figure it out. I enter the Username in the window that pops up and whether I click "SB", or "manual", or pick a network protocol I get connect error diaglog boxes poping up. Sometime they pop up at intervals faster than I can get them closed.

I have everything on VATSIM ready to run with FS2002 b4 starting AIBridge. I just would like to see the other craft when I'm in a TCAS quipment aircraft. I had to leave vUSN last winter because I couldn't resolve this issue.

BTW I am using 2.4 . I hear 1.0 may be an option.


P4 1.6, 256RAM, Radeon 9600SE

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