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Button Assignments in FSUIPC

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Hi Peter,

with a registered version of FSUIPC and WideFS installed on my system that consists of server and 5 client PC's I've encountered the following glitch.

I have tried to assigne the flap switch of my PFC jet throttle quadrant to alter the range on my project magenta ND display installed on a client PC.

The switch pushed up is recognised as 17-0 and the switch pushed down is recognised as 17-1 by FSUIPC yet when I assigne these buttons to

PM Nd Range Inc & PM Nd Range Dec, nothing happens.

However, if I assigne these keys or any other key on the TQ to a FS function it works.

Your assistance would be gratfully appreciated,

incidentally, I'm using FS2002



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when I assigne these buttons to

PM Nd Range Inc & PM Nd Range Dec, nothing happens.

All FSUIPC does with these PM commands is toggle the bits in the offsets provided by PM for these controls. I think what happens then depends upon the version of PM modules and whether you have the PM MCP running.

Up until recent builds the PM MCP used to handle all the ND bits in the offsets -- I think this changed recently, but to ascertain which builds are which you'll need to ask PM support.

There are alternative PM controls you could try too (it seems almost everything in PM can be done in at least two ways!). If you look in the FSUIPC Advanced User's guide you'll find that the ND range INC and DEC commands are also supported (48 and 49) in the PM GC Controls offset. You can program any of those with buttons in FSUIPC -- find the GC Controls (by param) control and place the command number in the parameter field.

Please make sure you are using the current FSUIPC in any case (3.30), and note that the new PFC driver (1.90) works better with 3.30.

If you wish to verify that the buttons are operating the right bits in PM offsets, you can get the PM offsets documentation from the PM site, and monitor the locations themselves in FSUIPC using the monitor (see Logging page).



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