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Pete...It worked..!!!

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Hi Pete!

Great news! The Throttle Reverse Thrust setup in your FSUIPC worked! I set it up yesterday and it works like a dream. I flew the Twin Otter and the PMDG B1900 yesterday and they both handled like the real aircraft. I was able to taxi in both AC without using the brakes at all. The throttle is now very accurate and…very sensitive!

I could slow down, speed up, slow down again with gentle throttle movements and stop! with full reverse thrust. I flew both aircraft in normal flight using the full range of the throttle and it was terrific. No problems at all. I reduced the throttle during the approach process and when I touched down, I pulled the throttle back to the idle zone, the nose eased down and the front wheel touched and I eased the throttle back to ‘soft’ reverse and the aircraft quickly slowed. I eased onto the turnoff and taxied to the terminal, not once using my brakes. It will stop on a dime with full reverse! Incredible!

I became quite comfortable with the throttle positions after several minutes of flying time and was able to move through the entire range from maximum throttle to idle and then to reverse with no problems in finding the ‘right’ spot.

I did not set up any type of detent for the CH throttle. Instead, I painted the reverse thrust area beside the throttle slot with fluorescent red water-soluble model paint. Although I felt very comfortable with the throttle and had no problem in moving it to just the right location, the paint is very helpful to insure the throttle is set at idle during start-up.

I have also set the mixture control on my CH Yoke so that full back will give me reverse thrust on my jets. I have not tried it yet but I know it will work great.

Thanks for FSUIPC…a great program that allows me to conform my aircraft to fly more like the real thing!

Best regards,

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