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I am currently trying to create a module for fs2004 and I was wondering if FSUIPC could be the solution. I am currently writing my DLL and visual c++6 and I am unable to get my window to come up on top of FS98MAIN. If I purchased FSUIPC could i use FSUIPC to create my dialog box inside of flight simulator?

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If I purchased FSUIPC could I use FSUIPC to create my dialog box inside of flight simulator?

No, FSUIPC offers no such options. It's a real pain in FS2004 to get anything to stay on top of FS -- it was easy enough in FS2002 and before, but MS changed to some different DirectX techniques in FS2004. Even if you get it on top in Windowed mode, doing so in Full Screen mode is still a big problem -- you get flashing.

For FSUIPC's own dialogue I intercept FS98MAIN's Paint messages and validate the paint area to prevent flashing. This is okay providing you don't want your stuff displayed in normal flight or slew modes.

Otherwise, sorry, it's a matter of trial and error to find something that works. Maybe others have an idea. You may have to delve into DirectX methods (ugh).



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