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read out data from FS 2002 with FSUIPC

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I am building a sim to ride in and I want to know if FSUIPC will feed me a constant stream of data on the current pitch, yaw, and roll position of the aircraft.

FSUIPC doesn't feed anyone anything. It provides an interface that a program can use to get such information, but the programs have to actively ask for it.

There are not only pitch bank and heading values but also velocities and accelerations in all six axes. For a motion platform I would have thought it was the accelerations you'd be interested in more than actual positions.

Download the FSUIPC SDK (from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson) and browse the information therein. That's the best way for you to determine answers to such questions.



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i've checked out the SDK of the FSUIPC however i'm still quite blurr wherther do i need to register the FSUIPC to extract Roll Pitch datas frm the MSFS2004.. thanks~

Not sure what being "quite blurr" means, but you will need to either Register FSUIPC as a user, or obtain an Access Key, to access data through the interface. Please read the Access Registration document which is part of the SDK.


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