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FSUIPC suspected

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Dear Mister Dowson,

I got a few questions about malfunctions I think you could assist me.

I use FSUIPC 3.4.7 non registred come with Ivap 0.5.0.

FSUIPC from various addons as PMDG, Flight1 ATR, PSS A320.

I have not installed the Microsoft patch for FS2004.

Do you think the following problems are caused by FSUIPC, if yes what could I do, do you recommand me to buy a registred version 3 ?

1. the keyboard letter "W" which makes the cockpit view disappear doesn't work anymore even with default aircrafts

2. can't recieve the Jeppesen weather within FS though my ADSL connection works properly as I receive the weather on IVAO

3. on the Flight1 Piper Meridian the bottom left concentric knob to be used to switch between COM and NAV freq is only able to change the COM freq but never permit to switch to NAV freq

4. on the PSS A320 the keyboard shortcuts SHIFT 1, 2, 3, 4 don't give me access anymore to the four different subpanels

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards


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Thank you for your answer.

I have not renamed the FSUIPC.dll but I certainly removed it one time or another. Should I have to rename the dll file and to which name for exemple, I'm scared this change could destabilize all the programs linked to FSUIPC. Since I sent my questions, the weather problem of FS has disappeared. Now FS does connect again to the Jeppesen data. So the remaining problems seem to be keyboard functions essentially. Could you please confirm the changing of the name, giving me a name and I'll try.

Thanks a lot


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Hi Eric

If you just rename it to FSUIPC.old then run FS - you will have effectively removed FSUIPC from your FS system. Program which use it will not work but you can test if the keyboard problem has gone - if it is still there then it is nothing to do with FSUIPC and you will need to look elsewhere. Once you have tested it then you can rename it back to FSUIPC.dll and it will load with FS and everything that uses it will find it again.

If the problem is caused by FSUIPC then I cannot really help but Pete should be back by Monday.

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Good eve Jon,

Thank you very much for your clear explanation.

Now it's late today, but I'll try it as quick as can tomorrow and let you know. Hoping I won't have to ask for a heavier medecine to Doctor Pete !

Thanks again,


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Do you think the following problems are caused by FSUIPC

No. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid FSUIPC doesn't interfere with any of those assignments unless you sepcifically re-program them, and it certainly has no way whatsoever of getting between FS and its Jeppesen weather downloads.

For some strange reason everyone always assumes FSUIPC is to blame for anything odd, but it is very rarely the case.


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Dear Mr Dowson,

Thanks for closing this door. I'm going to search another way.

Excuse me for suspecting FSUIPC as many others, as we say in French, maybe it's the ransom of success ?

Best regards


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