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Frame rate with FSUIPC 3.48

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Add me to the list! There's a marked reduction here too.

Although.... I am using a laptop which also cuts back the FPS anyway (big problems on the desktop) but the 3.48 has slowed it some more.

Another speed problem probably associated is that I will get severe stuttering even though FPS shows a steady 25 (for example) - I notice the "modules" menu button flickers while this happens and the visual effect is more like 1 fPminute (exaggerated)

This has only appeared since 3.48

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just installed FSUIPC 3.48 in place of 3.47 and noticed a decrease of frame rate in MS FS: 2-3 FPS less than before. Have you received other similar feedbacks from users?

No, except the one below yours. The changes in 3.48 since 3.47 are really not in-line with normal execution, with the sole exception of the provision of bank and pitch data being supplied for AI aircraft.

I really cannot imagine that have such a great effect, even if you've set the AI scan rate to 100% (default is 10). Try setting it to less than 10 (5 or 8, say), see if that makes any difference. Let me know. Generally, on most systems I've tried it on, you'd be hard pressed to measure any difference between 100% and 10% AI scanning per frame let alone the addition of two more small items of data.

All the other changes (which are few in any case) only have any effect when used, like button programming fixes.



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I think I might have the culprit for the "stuttering picture"... I didn't do a correct uninstall of another module at around the time FSUIPC went on to my PC. The flickering menu button is a bit worrying though. But then I will have to get back on to my desktop first before I know for sure. The laptop is only a stopgap.

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