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problems with the fsuipc-package in JAVA_SDK

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Hello !!

I've started to learn about the UIPC_JAVA_SDK-Kit , involved in the FSUIPC_SDK of Peter Dawson !!

But during compiling the Application Test.java (respectively Test.class) the Compiler "says", that the package com.flightsim.fsuipc.* (which is contained in the fsuipc.jar) doesn't exist, even I have include this JAR-File !!

And without this JAR-File a connection between Java and FS2004 isn't possible !!

SO...maybe someone can tell me if this problem is known (and maybe how to resolve it) or what at all I'm doing wrong !!

Many thanx


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Paschu -

Look down the page a bit and you will see the FSUIPC support forum. Peter Dowson, himself, posts there. You probably will get a quicker and more complete answer to your question if you post there. :)



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Ok...here I'll give the things, maybe you can see my fault !!

In general, I type in this:

C:\Program Files\FSUIPC_SDK\UIPC_SDK_JAVA\test\src>javac Test.java

and then the Compiler becomes crazy and says, there is no fsuipc-package (or respectively no package com.flightsim.fsuipc)

The Classpath (i.g. the Path where the Test.class is located) is:

C:\Program Files\FSUIPC_SDK\UIPC_SDK_JAVA\test\build>

I have to mention, that I've nothing changed...I did the Installation like recommended in Mark Burtons "Documentation" (whic was one page of a Word-Document) !

Hopefully you can help me or even show me how silly I was...

thanx a lot


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javac -classpath ../build/fsuipc.jar Test.java

then when running you will need

java -cp ../build/fsuipc.jar Test

Of course change the commandlines for the correct location of the jarfile if it's elsewhere :)

As an alternative you can set the classpath permanently by creating (or changing) the system variable CLASSPATH from your system properties to include the jar.

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Sorry...I forgot to mention, that I've imported the Applikation (Test.java + Libraries) into the Eclipse platform as an project...the effect is the same as with the command line when running the program...there are shown only default values as if there is no connection to FS2004 even there is shown no error with respect to the package...but I think (because of the output), that the package isn't identified as well !!



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:oops: thanx a lot for this tip....it seems to be working, because the package is no more missed !!

But another error occured, maybe you know....starting the test.class after compiling the program throws the following exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: test

I know what this exception means, but I'm not sure if I know WHY it is thrown ?

Have you any idea !?

Thanx for helping...Paschu

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Java is case sensitive. You need to have the class Test (capital T) in a file names Test.java (capital T) which gets compiled into a file called Test.class (again a capital T).

You then need to call it with "java Test" again using a capital T.

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Ok...that's the case....there's always a capital Letter at the Beginning !

I think he throws the exception because of the fsuipc_wrapper.class...is it possible and if so why !?

I thought, that the fsuipc.jar provides sth. like an interface (to FS2004) you can work with...and now it doesn't run :?:



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your error message showed it could not find a class test.

That means you'd tried "java test" instead of "java Test".

Also make sure you have the dll from the test directory on your system path. Having it in the same directory you call java from will work fine.

And add the current directory (".") to your classpath as well.

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Hello and thanx for answering again :wink:

I tried all you said and sth. that was written in the (really short) Documentation of Mark Burton....but I'm still unsatisfied

Following happened:

I compiled the Test.java as recommended...worked fine

The I typed in following line :

java -classpath .;fsuipc.jar Test

I did it this way (fsuipc.jar is now in the same folder like Test.java), because it was written in the Docu and I just tried !

However no Error occured but the result wasn't very well....most Values had a value of 0 (respectively 0.0) which seems to be a Default-value and a few others even are empty (f.ex. ID, Name, TestFlightSim)....that's why I come to the conclusion, that I'm yet not connected to the FS2004 via the interface !???

Ohh...and when I type in following

java -classpath .;fsuipc.jar Test.class

the same error is displayed as before....

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ?! Can't believe...


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your last commandline tries to run a class called class contained in a package called Test.

That would equate to a file class.class in a directory Test.

You seem to have very little (if not none at all) experience with Java. Maybe you should start with some beginners' tutorials?

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ok. Your questions seem to indicate a fundamental lack of Java basics, that's all.

Some more practice with the commandline instead of an IDE is certainly in order :wink:

I tried the test application yesterday on my machine and it worked fine.

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I'm sorry that I've (Mark Burton) been a bit use less in supporting the Java SDK I started. Many other projects and real work have got in the way.

The java machine must be able to find the wrapper dll otherwise it will fail to load. The easiest way is to put the dll in the Windows PATH. The alternative is to include the path to the DLL when running java.

Java and it's paths are very confusing at first.



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