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  1. What FDC version, what FSX version, what FSUIPC version?
  2. If php can interface with Windows DLLs...
  3. you will either need to talk through FSUIPC or through SimConnect. Either will require writing custom software.
  4. If you get it from the official source (which you mentioned) it's clean. If you get it from elsewhere, there's of course a risk (though if it's a trustworthy place like Avsim that risk is minimal).
  5. yes, it's available in both versions. If it weren't the standard version wouldn't work at all, especially the weather and mission system ;)
  6. sounds like the application is loading the DLL explicitly by filename (which was the default 10 years ago, but no longer is), which would be a problem. Wonder what else it does that's got better alternatives in the Win32 API.
  7. ok. Your questions seem to indicate a fundamental lack of Java basics, that's all. Some more practice with the commandline instead of an IDE is certainly in order :wink: I tried the test application yesterday on my machine and it worked fine.
  8. your last commandline tries to run a class called class contained in a package called Test. That would equate to a file class.class in a directory Test. You seem to have very little (if not none at all) experience with Java. Maybe you should start with some beginners' tutorials?
  9. your error message showed it could not find a class test. That means you'd tried "java test" instead of "java Test". Also make sure you have the dll from the test directory on your system path. Having it in the same directory you call java from will work fine. And add the current directory (".") to your classpath as well.
  10. Java is case sensitive. You need to have the class Test (capital T) in a file names Test.java (capital T) which gets compiled into a file called Test.class (again a capital T). You then need to call it with "java Test" again using a capital T.
  11. try then when running you will need Of course change the commandlines for the correct location of the jarfile if it's elsewhere :) As an alternative you can set the classpath permanently by creating (or changing) the system variable CLASSPATH from your system properties to include the jar.
  12. Crosspost. Most likely you are having classpath problems. Give us your complete classpath and your compiler command line and maybe we can help.
  13. What is the exact command you're issueing to the Java compiler? And what is your classpath? Give those and I may be able to help you, as it sounds like one or the other is incorrect.
  14. Thanks, setting the same command to the release command did it.
  15. They indeed use something of their own it seems. When I use another GF module to change the OBS1 setting it doesn't affect the CRS indicator on the PMDG MCP. When I change the value on the MCP the value displayed for the OBS on my GF166 does change (so their AP values are backported to the default radios but not read from them). I did read others having the same problem programming the RP48 from FSUIPC for the PMDG 737, extremely slow response and having to turn the knob for a very long time to get any response at all.
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