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  1. Not with the current production version of FTX Global. If you have a pirated version (which would be about the only reason to not have the latest), buy the real thing.
  2. No, the houses are a landclass problem. Has nothing to do with FScene. It's well known btw that the DX10 mode causes some weird texture problems, and not having lights show might well be one of them (haven't tried myself) on some videocards. As to landclass problems, there are many of them which is why there are several commercial (and for limited areas free as well) products to correct such errors. http://secure.simmarket.com/fsx-landclass-page-1.chtml Simmarket has several such, I've not used them so don't expect me to even try to judge their quality. What I do know (from the past, ha
  3. Nothing included with FScene can do that. All it does is replace the ground textures with better (more detailed, etc.) ones. It doesn't influence the lighting at all.\ What other mods do you have installed?
  4. you may try to download again. Most likely the file got corrupted during transfer.
  5. If you bought it through simmarket, the download link should be in your account, with your order history. Do keep in mind that Simmarket accounts time out, I don't know the timeout period though.
  6. http://secure.simmarket.com/product_infts_id=2011 Few South American shots there. Don't have FS9 installed right now (and the discs are packed up for a move) so can't make more for you, but these should give you an idea.
  7. What FDC version, what FSX version, what FSUIPC version?
  8. not having used all landclass products I won't recommend any (lest someone feel left out whose product I don't know). I can only tell that I've not encountered any modern commercial landclass product that doesn't play nice with FScene, for whatever that's worth.
  9. unlikely. It contains some files that went missing when the original installers were created for Australia. Those are either files that exist only there or files shared between areas and therefore identical between them.
  10. there should be no problems. And there's no worrying about scenery layers either, as FScene doesn't show up as a scenery layer (and neither may that landclass).
  11. what looks better or worse is a matter of taste. That's why there's a demo available, as well as numerous screenshots to make up your mind before you buy.
  12. And to replicate what you're seeing, here are 3 screenshots taken with different scenery texture resolutions (as set in the FSX display options).
  13. it is your system, not the product. I run a lower spec system than you and get far better results. That's near Munich, using an E4500 with a GF7600 videocard. And that Eaglesoft SR22 is a hog which tends to cause degraded video performance at times, yet I get a steady 20fps there. What you're experiencing isn't blurries, it's FS showing lower MIPs in order to be able to render something. Most likely you've got way too high expectations of what your system can do.
  14. you're kidding yourself. Your bush textures clearly show an extremely low resolution, which indicates that your system isn't rendering the textures as well as you'd like. That's got nothing to do with the textures and everything with your computer. The second too has nothing to do with the textures and is a well published deficiency in the landclass mapping of FSX. No amount of new textures is going to solve that. P.S. with a hostile attitude like yours don't expect a lot of help.
  15. FScene doesn't touch landclass. And AFAIK landclass doesn't influence autogen placement (but I could be mistaken there). AFAIK there is no product that does landclass for India, I'm sorry.
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