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Go-Flight MCP configure with FSUIPC

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I bought the pay version of FSUIPC and try to load the Project Magenta Demo adn it does not work at all with my Go-Flight MCP. Is there a programing that I have to do with FSUIPC? How do I do that? i read teh FSUIPC manual but it is too complicated for me.

The Goflight MCP is not ideally suited to PM's MCP -- there aren't enough buttons to start with. Does your PM demo include the MCP or are you just using the PFD/ND/EICAS part? If the latter then the GoFlight MCP will be okay controlling the default FS autopilot.

If you get seriously involved with PM and want to use it all with GoFlight equipment then there are two possibilities. One is to download my GFdisplay package (which is a free add-on for a "payware" FSUIPC). It already has example files ready to adapt to GoFlight hardware and PM. The other is to ask GoFlight if they have got around to supporting PM yet. I think it was mooted once.

As far as the PM Demo possibilities are concerned you will have to talk to PM support. I'm not sure what sort of restrictions and differences there might be.



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I loaded GF Display and other GF module appeared but my MCP did not appear. I wanted to try the PM auto pilot demo.

I'm not clear what you mean: "did not appear" where? In the GFdisplay INI file?

If you have your GF MCP installed on your FS PC, then it will be controlled by the GF MCP DLL installed in your FS Modules folder. If you want FSUIPC+GFdisplay to handle it you will have to remove that DLL.


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