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Offset for antiskid

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It's a kind off ABS for a plane.

On the 737 NG brake panel there is a annunciator called "ANTISKID INOP"

So I need a offset to trigger the led.

That'll be implemented in the PMDG code. There isn't one in FS. You'd need to ask them, but I don't think they give such information I'm afraid, even if they have assigned one of their offsets for it.




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It is not for the PMDG but for Project Magenta.

This is also available on the FDS glare.

Like many things, systems and substems not implemented in FS can be added to your own system via pmSystems programming. A lot has been done for the 737NG that way as I can attest to in my own 737NG with partly (and increasingly) functioning overhead (thanks to Thomas Richter's great enhancements to the 737NG base work done by Enrico).

However, back to your original question "is there an offset" for it, and the answer, as I said earlier, is no, not one from FSUIPC, because FSUIPC only supplies data from FS. If FS doesn't implement it, how can FSUIPC get it?

If a third party aircraft like FDS (or PMDG) implements it, AND they provide access to it via a private FSUIPC offset, THEN you may be able to access it, but I do not maintain nor know nor document third party programs. Likewise, if you yourself programs support for it via pmSystems, it will be you who chooses the offset within pmSystems' own offset range, and then, of course, you will know it in any case. Right?



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