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I feel kinda dumb asking such a low-level question, but here goes: I'm building a cockpit and looking for the key-command to toggle the BEACON on/off, and someone referred me to FS2004 CONTROLS download. I found a single reference in there (TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS) with a code of 66239. Evidently, this is something that should get set into keyboard.main in FS9.cfg, but I cannot figure out how to do it. In the .cfg file I see values such as (80,9) for the various functions: These are screen locations? If so, how does the 66239 (or whatever) correspond? Apparently I'm missing a correlation routine, and I don't wanna waste people's time here to teach me, but...is there a place (forum) where I can get some basic info on how to manipulate this business (editing the .cfg file)? I tried some dummy values just to see what would happen...saved the file, ran FS, and my fake entry into the .cfg file disappeared. Anyway, back to this BEACON thing; it's haunting me! I can bring all other lights out to the panel and handle them with keyboard emulation, but not the beacon! Does anyone know what the deal is with it? Did MS simply leave it out of the code altogether?

Thanks for any help...


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