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Truncated Kneeboard in FS9

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I have spent the better part of this afternoon reloading FSUIPC and all of my control functions and this issue still exists. I originally assigned the F-10 Kneeboard function to a switch on my yoke. Initiating the switch brings up (very quickly) a small kneeboard followed by (very quickly) the original size kneeboard. It has apparently overlayed one over the other. The scrolling function seems to control the smaller one behind the larger one. Since I can only see the larger one, it appears as though it's truncate. That is "up scrolling shows a small area scrolling at the top and down scrolling show a small area moving at the bottom." It appears to be a canvassing error somewhere in the software. I never noticed it before installing FSUIPC. Any ideas????

I searched all through the Gauges folder for conflicts and found none that I could recognize. All CAB files have there own kneeboards and are only applied when I select an aircraft with that configuration.

Thanks in advance.


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I never noticed it before installing FSUIPC. Any ideas????

No, it won't be FSUIPC. I know that is always the first thing to be blamed for everything :roll: , but it really doesn't know anything about panel parts, and that's all the kneeboard is, and it doesn't deal in graphics at all. Sounds like you have something else going on there, maybe a corrupted gauge bitmap. The only option in FSUIPC even looking at FS windows as such is the one on the Technical (or Miscellaneous) page to stop you moving or resizing them accidentally. Even that has nothing to do with their appearance or disappearance.



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I didn't think FSUIPC was the problem but I'm grabbing at straws here trying to find out what the problem could be.

I searched the gauge folder and didn't see anything there that would be in conflict with the overall system. I guess that I'll just reload and see where I go from there. Thanks again for the reply.


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I seem to recall that I had something like that happening a long time ago and it was due to the AA settings. It is recommended everywhere to set AA to off in the sim and specify it in the graphic driver settings instead. This did not work for me but it produced the effect you describe above. And not only that. The same happened in the FSUIPC dialogues when scrolling the drop down lists of FS controls on the buttons or keys pages. Setting AA to "application dependant" in the graphics driver and to on in FS's settings cured the problem.

My graphic card is a Geforce FX 5900 ultra btw.



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