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Proper fsuipc install

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First off, I have a fully paid for andd registered version of both FSUIPC


My system was funtioning well for months with these add on's--> ( Active Sky6, PMDG 747, ATR 72-500, ). Then< I tried to get project magenta up and running via network. At first we could not get it to work, but then I found several FSUIPC.dll in other locations, besides the module folder and removed them. I got WIDEFS to work but now I have a new problem.

For some reason, FS2004 is no longer communicating with active sky, PMDG 747, flight1 ATR 72-500. The error states that the the FSUPIC version is too old. Yet, I have 3.52, which is the newest one in my module folder.

How should I go about de-bugging this issue?

Here is the fsuipc log...

********* FSUIPC, Version 3.52 by Pete Dowson *********

Running inside FS2004 (FS9.1 CONTROLS.DLL, FS9.1 WEATHER.DLL)

User Name="Removed"

User Addr="Removed as well"

FSUIPC Key is provided

WideFS Key is provided

Module base=61000000



InitDelay: 0 seconds




12828 System time = 06:35:59

12828 D:\F Programs\Microsoft Games\

12906 System time = 06:35:59, FS2004 time = 12:00:00 (00:00Z)


23187 AIRCRAFT\c172\Cessna172SP.air

23984 Aircraft="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP"

27140 Client Application: "ASv6" (Id=3364)

27140 D:\F Programs\Microsoft Games\Modules\ASv6\ASv6.exe

27140 Product="ActiveSky 6"

27140 Company="HiFi Simulation Software"

31031 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled

34406 Module [M1] identified = "FSUI.DLL"

1121234 C:\Documents and Settings\tom k\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files\UI generated flight.flt

1121547 Clear All Weather requested: external weather discarded

1171281 AIRCRAFT\Flight 1 ATR-72-500\ATR72-500_2k4v5.3.air

1172078 Aircraft="Flight 1 ATR 72-500 Air Caraibes"

1176172 Module [M2] identified = "F1ATRB.GAU"

1190578 Module [M3] identified = "FS2CrewEnv.GAU"

Thanks for any help,


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For some reason, FS2004 is no longer communicating with active sky, PMDG 747, flight1 ATR 72-500. The error states that the the FSUPIC version is too old. Yet, I have 3.52, which is the newest one in my module folder.

I don't like the sound of "the newest one in my module folder" -- there must only be ONE FSUIPC in your modules folder! If you have others, albeit renamed, delete them.

Additionally, the oldest currently supported version of FSUIPC is 3.53 which was released on January 1st this year. Please replace your 3.52. I don't know how you managed to get copies of the DLL all over the place, but just copy updates directly into the FS Modules folder, only.

Do all those products which you say come up with errors actually have checks on the age of FSUIPC, and even messages reporting this? That really surprises me! I think you may be misreading something. Can you tell me more about these 'messages' please?

Here is the fsuipc log...

There's nothing wrong shown there except:

34406 Module [M1] identified = "FSUI.DLL"

which indicates something wrong with one of your installed modules or gauges. The "FSUI.DLL" module is an original part of FS by Microsoft and most certainly does not use FSUIPC. It's the FS "User Interface" in fact.

Anyway, next time before showing me a log, please close FS first. Only a complete log for a session is of any real use.



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I did another computer search for all FSUIPC files and found (again) more than 1. So, I deleted every single last one of them , downloaded your lastest version, placed the .dll into the modules forlder, re-booted and BINGO! Everything works as intended.

Thanks for taking the time respond,


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