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Clarification of the Manual

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Hi Pete

I am trying to understand this statement at the top of Page 10 of the manual. Could you please clarify what Option TWO is in this case, is it fact the third option?

"Options concerning the FSUIPC message window appear on the About/Register screen, which is available to all FSUIPC users. The feature may already automatically be enabled when FS is first loaded, but it can be turned on and off (to use only ShowText for example) in the front option screen. There are two other options there:

One, which is removed if the multi-line FS window is enabled, and which when checked stops multi-line messages going to FS’s default message window. Use this if you want to use ShowText to display the multi-line text, such as on another screen or even another PC via WideFS.

• A third option which can be used to suppress all single-line messages in FS’s normal message window. This effectively replaces the “hide always” option in AdvDisplay and removes ATIS messages and multiplayer login/out notifications as well as single-line messages from external programs."



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I am trying to understand this statement at the top of Page 10 of the manual. Could you please clarify what Option TWO is in this case, is it fact the third option?

:D :o :wink:

Well, yes, with your emboldening I see how you CAN interpret the "One" as being the number 1 rather than, as was intended, just talking about "one of the other two options".

Sorry, it is ambiguous I suppose, but I would never have thought of reading it your way. If you take the whole context, the "First", or main option is of course the one the whole section is really about -- the new FSUIPC window option which saves using AdvDisplay for programs such as Radar Contact.

The two bulleted paragraphs are about two additional, lesser, options associated with this and presented in the same area on screen. So, in your numeric terms, your "ONE" is the "second" option.

However, it really shouldn't be read like that, because (a) that option may not be there, as explained (when it isn't relevant), and (b) neither of these two additional options are really anywhere near as important or significant as the one the whole new facility and section is all about.

I'll change "A third option" into "The other option" in some future update, so instead of reading them, as you somehow did ;-), as "1" and "3" they read in ordinary English as "the one and the other". Okay?


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Hi Pete

Many Thanks for the clarification, I thought that was what you intended but with such a comprehensive program like FSUIPC it always pays to make sure. I read the instructions from cover to cover so that I can use this excellent add-on to its fullest, and even now after reading from earlier versions to the latest at least 20 times over the years,I still find items that I haven't understood from a previous read.

Thanks again for an excellent program.



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