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Reading airport code / name

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Is it possible to read the airport code/name (eg EGKK GATWICK) where the aircraft is currently parked or is it a matter of reading Lat/Long coordinates and using a look up?

If you haven't filed a flight plan then I don't know of any other way of identifying the current airfield for the user aircraft. Even if you have filed one it would only be correct before you left. Normally users know where they are so it hasn't been a problem for all these years. Utility programs which give you data on position and so on do use a database, almost invariably.



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Hi Graham

These may be silly suggestions but

1) if you open up the "MAP" view and keep pressing the "+" button you will eventually see where you are parked.

2) Alternatively if you open up the GPS unit, and then press NRST you will again be able to choose your take-off airport ie where you are sitting and all of its details.

3) The third option is to use FS Earth with Google Earth and this would tell you were your plane is at any given point in time.

4) The fourth option would be to use EZ Landmark and that would identify many of the airfields in FS9.

I would have thought it possible to "automate" 1 and 2 via a key/button press in FSUIPC, but only PeteD would be able to confirm that.



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