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Steering tiller offset

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I like to make my own steering tiller by using a potmeter.

I use fsbus as interface and need a offset for the tiller.

I couldn't find an offset in the doc's.

There isn't one, as it is just another assignment to the rudder, so use 0BBA. The point about having a separate assignment is so you can have a more sensitive calibration, suited to ground steering. But by using offsets going directly into FS you bypass all calibrations completely in any case. The same would apply to any other FS axis of course.



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I'm not sure that I understand you right.

So, when I use offset 0BBA in fsbus and use a potmeter for the axis, I can(must) calibrate the axis in fsuipc.

Is that what you are saying?

No!! Completely the opposite! You cannot supply any single offset in FSUIPC which will allow you to calibrate anywhere at all.

The offsets are a direct way into FS, BYPASSING ALL CALIBRATIONS! They affect the FS controls directly. The whole point of the IPC interface provided by FSUIPC is that it is an interface TO FLIGHT SIM, it was never intended as an interface TO FSUIPC! Admittedly, a number of additional facilities are by now provided by FSUIPC which also have offsets, but axis control has never been among those.

If you want to calibrate joystick axes they need to be input to FS or FSUIPC as joystick axes. You can write Axis controls using the 8 byte offset at 3110 -- you write the axis value in one 32-bit word and the FS control number in the one before (or both together as 8-bytes if your software can handler that).

However, at present the "tiller" axis added in FSUIPC only doesn't have an FS control number, nor even an FSUIPC one. It is something I could consider -- but are you even able to use the 8 byte offset 3110 in any case?



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