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FSGarmin430 Question

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Hello Pete, I have been using FSGarmin430 and FSGarmin530 on my remote laptop for years, initially with FS2002 and now with FS9. Periodically I update the Garmin430 Trainer program with the latest downloadable Trainer from the Garmin 430 website to update the NavData database with no problems. I also run the two programs on the main FS PC. Last night I updated the GarminGNS430 Trainer on both the main PC and laptop, without FS or WideFS running and now the Garmin430 on the main PC runs the 430 from the Modules menu fine but I can't get the 430 on my laptop to run, it just loads with a snowy non changing screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the FSGarmin430 and Garmin Trainer in all kinds of order including uninstalling both, defraging the hard drive, run Crap cleaner, restart and reload first the Trainer then FSGarmin430 and the same thing! I also have FSGarmin530 on the laptop and it still runs fine. See enclosed pic. I saw your name in some of the documents for FSGarmin430 and hoped you might have some idea what may have happened and how I may get my beloved GNS430 ( which is in my private plane ) up and running on the remote laptop. FSUIPC and WideFS are the recent .7 versions. I have read through and through the FSGarmin430 help file. Thank you so much.



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Last night I updated the GarminGNS430 Trainer on both the main PC and laptop I can't get the 430 on my laptop to run, it just loads with a snowy non changing screen.

Sorry. You've changed someone else's program (not mine) and now it doesn't work? I've not changed that program, you've not changed my program, and I not only don't use the programs you are using I don't know anything about them at all.

I'm afraid the only folks who would be able to help with this are those supporting the program you have a problem with. It evidently is not so much to do with either FSUIPC or WideFS as you have it working on the FS PC, and you know the WideFS part works from previos versions, so it is most likely something about access it needs to a database on the FS PC -- you've installed it incorrectly or insufficiently is my guess. Weren't there special instructions for running these things on WideFS?



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Thanks Pete, I was just hoping maybe you had run into this in the myriad of things that seem to be run by you, I have uninstalled and reinstalled it so many times without a flaw it baffles me. Must be something changed in the XP registry on the laptop that isn't getting cleaned out with the uninstall program that is hanging it up, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the same two programs on another laptop I have and it works! Take care.

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