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FSUIPC4 BETA install Error

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Peter, I am installing version 4 for FSX. After I click the run button I get a dialog box asking where my FSX.exe is located. I navigate over to MSgames/Flight Simnulator X and select the FSX.exe icon, but after that I get a message that my FSX installaton is not suitable for this version of FSUIPC. You may need to install an update from Microsoft?

Any ideas.


Mark T


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Peter, I am installing version 4 for FSX.

You cannot, it has not been released yet. The only FSUIPC4 I released was a Beta for the FSX Beta. Please go and read the announcements!

Note that I changed the subject of your message to avoid misleading other readers.



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Hi, Pete

Think I made a mistake (placed a new topic instead of a reply), Even don't know where the new topic is (quite dumb of me!)

1) When there will be an FSUIPC4 official version?

2) Since I have the new FSX (official version, not beta3...) I just find that there is no modules folder (is this correct?). Will your FSUIPC4 test version work in this FSX?

3) Even though it will be a paid product (not an upgrade) it doesn't matter. What I got with FSUIPC3 was really terrific.



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