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When attempt install FSUICP (FSX installation is incorrect)?

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Hello Pete,

Can you please help me with the folowing? Whe I try to intall fersion 4.1 (or any version of FSUICP) I get the following error:

"Your FSX installation is incorrect! The version of SimConnect installed does not match FSX.EXE. You may need to execute the SimConnect.msi to rectify this first"

I have my flightsim FX installed on drive :L and the fligthsim boot is on D: and the sytem boot on C: drive. A complex set up with two versions of WindowsXP on the same machine. One specifically for flightsim.

Hope you can help.


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Hi Pete,

Just some additional information to the post above Pate. I have searched rigorously on all drives for the file simconnect.dll but my search, in all folders and files, suggests there is no such file on my computer anywhere.

You have a bad FSX installation then. When FSX installs it puts Simconnect.dll into the Windows "side-by-side" folders, somewhere like:


That's where it is on my system, anyway.

Without SimConnect installed no add-ons which use it, including FSUIPC4, will be able to connect to FSX. I really don't know how you managed to install FSX without SimConnect also being installed, but you may want to try several things:

1. Use the FSX DVD to attempt to "repair" the installation. i think that a repair option does appear if you move to install again.

2. Completely uninstall it and try again.

3. Report the install problems to tell_fs@microsoft.com so they may fix them in an update.

Let me know how you get on, please.



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