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FYI Many calls from FSX to FSUIPC : impact on FPS?

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I try to improve my FPS , I run FSUIPC version

I use Filemon from http://www.sysinternals.com to "see" all the file accesses made by FSX and "see" if there are errors.

I found FSX is making a lot of "calls" to FSUIPC , hope this is normal and does not impact FSX performances.

I have a copy of the .log made by Filmon.

This file is too big and is not accepted in an attached .

I can send it via e-mail if you want.

Hope it helps

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I found FSX is making a lot of "calls" to FSUIPC , hope this is normal and does not impact FSX performances.

It calls FSUIPC to supply it with data, such as aircraft position, etc etc. That's the whole point of SimConnect. If it isn't supplying data as requested it isn't doing anything useful!

The difference between SimConnect's way of doing things compared to the way FSUIPC used to operate is that it operates in a Server/Client manner. FSUIPC initially tells it what it needs, then whenever that information is available and changed, SimConnect supplies it without being asked again. This is done at most once per frame for things that need closer monitoring, once per second for other stuff, at most (they still have to change).

FSUIPC3 and earlier didn't have SimConnect to do this for it, and just obtained information on every single frame, whether it had changed or not.

The rather disappointing thing about SimConnect from my point of view that it uses TCP/IP to talk to FSX even if the client is actually inside the same process as FSX, as FSUIPC4 is, of course. To me, that's a big unnecessary overhead, and I am still remonstrating with MS about it.

If you want a more informative way of seeing what is going on between SimConnect and its clients, try using the SimConnect logging. You may find it very interesting. See my replies in the thread below about GPSout problems to see how to make it produce a detailed log.



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