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Widefs whit squawkbox3

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Hello Pete can you help me,

I am running fs9 on a seperate pc than squawkbox.

I have a registerd widefs and fsuipc.

On both pc,s i have installed squawkbox squaukbox is asking by installing how to configure

Squawkbox must run on the secondpc and is looking for FSUIPC what he is not finding that fsuipc is running meanwhile fs9 is running one the first pc and widefs is running and is connect.

This is the tekst of squawkbox

SquawkBox makes use of the FSUIPC module to interface with Flight Simulator. In the single computer case, this works because FSUIPC and SquawkBox are on the same computer. In the two computer case, an additional program called WideFS is needed. WideFS comes in two parts: a server which runs on a computer with Flight Simulator and FSUIPC, and a client which runs on another computer. The WideFS client tricks FSUIPC-aware applications (like SquawkBox) into thinking FSUIPC is running on the same computer. Once WideFS is setup correctly, SquawkBox can operate just as easily in the two computer configuration as in the single computer configuration.


So i want to run squawkbox on multi pc can you help me

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Squawkbox must run on the secondpc and is looking for FSUIPC what he is not finding that fsuipc is running

The "FSUIPC" it finds wil be the FSUIPC interface that WideClient is providing. You have to have WideClient running on the client PC.

So i want to run squawkbox on multi pc can you help me

I cannot really help with Squawkbox as I've never used it and don't have it. It should simply see FSUIPC via WideFS. Are you sure that this is not happening anyway, and that your problem is in the Multiplayer connection? Don't forget it only uses FSUIPC to read the position and COM frequency of your own aircraft, and maybe also to set the weather (though I think that's optional). Most of what Squawkbox does it does via the FS Multiplayer interface, which is nothing to do with FSUIPC or WideFS.

I'm afraid I know almost nothing about Multiplayer or Squawkbox. Isn't there a more appropriate Help or Support site somewhere for Squawkbox users? If not, surely your Virtual ATC site should be able to help?



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Hi Henk,

I have been running Squawkbox on a second PC for years without a problem but it is quite a while since I installed it, however I will try to help.

When you install SB asks if you are installing it on one computer or 2. In your case you select 2 computers.

You need to install SB on both computers but for each install you need to tell SB if that computer is running FS or not. If you follow the install prompts you should have no problem, also the manual is available from the Sb web site


To use SB both computers must be networked correctly so they can talk to each other and FS and Widefs must be running and must be connected to FS.

The SB forum should be able to help if you still have problems.


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I have a laptop connected and networked with a faster PC.

Is it worthwhile to use WideFS for Squawkbox 3?

My idea is to use the laptop for SB3 and the voice communication via SB3.

The benefit as I see it is that you get voice comm only through the headset and "normal" FS environmental sounds through the "servers" speakers.

Does such a setup also give any frame rate advantage if you compare it with running SB3 on the server only ?



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