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Optimizing restricted vidibility with FsUIPC?

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i am flying with FS2004 online weather.

Yesterday i approach Cologne/Bonn. ATIS told me, the visibility was 3 nautical miles. I descent into the restricted visibility layer at an estimated 300ft AGL. This is relatively late and i can rareley see the mist over the airport from higher altitude.

Is there any possibility to optimize the behavior in FSUIPC? Or are there other possible workarounds (no, i do NOT want to buy Active Sky or similar programs)....


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that depends on what you consider an optimum. IMO the best you can achieve is by using the FSUIPC visibility options. Set reasonable values for the surface limits in different wheather conditions and use the "graduated visibility" option. If you set the altitude where the graduation should start to zero it will use the altitude of the upper limit of the surface visibility layer. I also use "smooth visibility changes".



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Hi, yes, i did this. And together with "soft horizon" sky textures from AVSIM i have beautiful results. No need for anything more.

The only thing i am missing is to see the fog earlier when approaching the airport (i.e. when visibility is e.g. 3miles or less). Possible solutions would be:

1. Very dense "fog textures" (if something like this exists)

2. Making the top of the visibility layer higher (but not manually, because i want to fly with fs2004 online weather).

So, the resulting questions is still there: Do any FSUIPC options exist to achive that? Do any textures exist to achive that?

The same with approaching an airport at low altitude. When you are 10nm away from the airport, you see the airport. When you then get to for example 3nm to the airport, then the visibility changes. But when you cannot see the airport from 3nm away, you also shouldn't be able to see it from 10nm out.

This is the only thing i miss in FS2004. All other visibility problems are solved - thanks to FSUIPC (registered version).

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OK, i thought there is possibly an option in FSUIPC that lifts the top of the visibility layer / makes it thicker.

Hmmmm.... what about the "override top of restricted visibility layer"-switch. I think it's only usable for externally injected weather, isn't it?


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