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Howdy Pete,

I recently purchased a new nVidia video card (changing over from an ATI video card) and after doing so run into a new and unique problem. While moving my mouse cursor around in the 2D cockpit and putting the mouse on various hotspots (such as the cockpit gauges or buttons) and even the maximize and minimize buttons at the top right corner of the screen (all of which display labels such as the in-cockpit popup labels) that the cockpit 2D rendering would disappear from the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen leaving only the "outside" scenery. Depending on what I pointed at such as the minimize button at the top of the screen, it would cause the entire 2D cockpit to disappear. If it were a gauge or switch at the bottom of the screen it might only be part of the cockpit.

I went round in circles with nVidia of course initially already before I finally found that the utility AvdDisp was the culprit. I was able to disable it by renaming the .DLL file and afterwards everything returned to normal. I'm using AvdDisp with Radar Contact 4 to be able to "make" a window for the command text and undock it allowing me to move it to a second monitor. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem yet (?) but hope you might take a look at the utility to see what may cause this. I can provide screenshots of the problem if it would help you visualize the problem. I have talked to nVidia who has indicated that maybe they could get their developer group involved to help solve the issue as I'm sure I won't be the only one to have the problem.

I hope you can help as there were no nVidia drivers that could escape this problem. I myself hope to be able to use their 3DStereo driver to produce a 3D rendering of the flight simulator (REALLY COOL!). Thanks in advance for any help.

Just point me in the right direction----->


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I'm using AvdDisp with Radar Contact 4 to be able to "make" a window for the command text and undock it allowing me to move it to a second monitor.

AdvDisp is no longer needed. It is not supported any more. Please check the FSUIPC documentation and try using the new special Window facilities which work well. The window is undockable and can be moved to another monitor, but it is now an FS window.



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