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Help to calibrate CH quadrant

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I would like to have your help for the following problem with FSuipc and CH quadrant.

I have FS2004 (FS9.1) and the lastest version (registred) of your software.

After some weeks of inactivity with FS, I resumed my flights to find that my throttle quadrant needs a new setup (before, everything - quadrant, FSUIPC, etc. - works OK).

I followed the Jonh Cook tutorial but at not avail.

The problem is when I try to assign ANY axis to ANY Joy# of CH quadrant, the FSUIPC cannot record any difference between the detent position of the joy# and the "min" position, i.e., on any axis/joysick, the FSUIPC values - on Axis Assignment and Joystick Calibration modules - are (numeric values can change):

MAX position of the joystick: in: 16386


Detent position of the joystick: in: -16384

out: -16384

"Min" position of ths joy: the above (same) detent values :shock: !

As I said and you can see, there are no diferences between the 2 lowers positions so I can't calibrate the joystick inside FSUIPC (Reverse/idle).

I have joystick disabled on FS;

I unistall all the CH products I have (Rudder pedals, yoke and quadrant) and clean the win registry of any CH key and made a new install;

I have the quadrant calibrated with CHManager (where the 3 positions are verified and checked);

I delete the FSUIPC.ini and created a new but nothing changes :(

Any help? :)

Many thanks in advance



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Hi cmgam,

If you're using the Control Manager in Direct Mode, go to the calibration screen and click the "Throttle Settings" tab. You can set the value for the max (fully back) and detent positions there. Try 255 fully back, 240 at detent. They default to 255 in both places, which is why you can't find a difference. Don't forget to hit the "Apply" button when you're done.

If you're using the Control Manager in Mapped Mode, then you need to do the same thing, but it has to be done where the axis is programmed in the map itself. The settings on the Throttle Settings tab only affects direct mode.

You might want to drop by my website, look on the "File Downloads" page for a file called CMNOTE02.ZIP. It has a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document in it that talks about the Quad. It might be some use.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

- Bob

The StickWorks


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Hi cmgam

If you are using CHCM in mapped mode you may want to read Bob Chruch's cmnote02.pdf on how to set up the the throttle axes, etc in CHCM and FSUIPC. (http://www.stickworks.com)

If you have the joystick disabled in FS9 then there will be no input from the CHCM software so calibrating it there is not much use. I calibrate in Windows to set the "base" settings before using FSUIPC to "fine tune" the settings. The detente in FSUIPC may not necessarily coincide with the physical detente on the joystick. Actually it may be in front of the physical detente. [This is what John Cook means in his guide] The only way that that I have managed to get the physical detente to line up with a recordable detente in FSUIPC [ie a change in values between the minmum and detente] is:

Open Windows calibration and choose the TQ

Ensure all 6 levers are in the minimum (not detente) position

Choose the "throttle Settings" tab

Set all the "dead zones" to zero

Choose a value for the detente (255 is the default), I have found 240 works very well.

Calibrate the TQ in windows as instructed and apply

Open FS9 with the default learjet and choose VC mode

Open FSUIPC (axes already assigned) Calibrate the throttles TQ using page 3 of FSUIPC. If your TQ is similar to mine you will see a difference between the minimum and the detente figures. (If not you may have to change the "240" value.) My figures -16384, -14156, - 14156, +16384)

Click OK and check if reverse thrust and minimum and maximum thrust work in the default Lear Jet. This works in FSX also.

This may not be a universal solution but its the only way that I have found that you see a difference in FSUIPC between the physical detente and the minimum.



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