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New offsets?

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I was wondering if there were FSUIPC offsets established for the following token variables: TOTAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_GALLONS, GET_GUN_AMMO, GET_CANNON_AMMO, GET_ROCKET_AMMO, GET_BOMB_AMMO. If anyone has found offsets for these could they please post or email me at jonathan.feldstein@innocon.com

Total fuel quantity is calculated from the values already provided. This is the way FS actually does it when you ask for that value. It isn't a good idea to ask FSUIPC to provide this as, when running WideFS, in order to keep gauges updated it would have to force the calculation on every frame, no matter whether anyone wanted it or not. It is really best for such things to be off-loaded to the individual applications when needed.

The munition things aren't mapped simply because I've never seen any working guns or bombs in FS. Although FSUIPC does run in CFS1 and CFS2, in rather limited fashion, these weren't supported deliberately. When CFS3 turned up completely closed there was never any point going back.

Are you using FS? Are you implementing something with Guns and Bombs?

If you want access to things which do exist in FS2002 or FS2004 I can add them, but not at present please. Ask later in the year. I've still far too much to do for FS2004.



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