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Weather AEREA3 .NET

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Hi, my name is Gianpaolo!

I'm trying to create a program like WeatherSet2 in visual basic .NET F2.

I'm using the Client DLL module!

It's very easy for me read data, but very difficult find weather using Area3.

I can read Lat,Lon,Icao,Signature,Wind,Temp... from this area, but only after I insert ICAO by WeatherSet2!

This is a cedo part:



Dim Signature As Offset(Of UInt32) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of UInt32)(&HCC04)

Dim ICAO As Offset(Of String) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of String)("Icao_Code", &HCC08, 4)

Dim Dynamic As Offset(Of UInt16) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of UInt16)(&HCC0C)





Me.ICAO.Value = Me.TextBox2.Text 'Insert ICAO in &HCC08

Me.Signature.Value = CType(Me.TextBox1.Text, UInt32) 'Insert Signature in &HCC04





Me.TextBox4.Text = Me.Dynamic.Value

Me.TextBox3.Text = Me.WeatherLati.Value

Me.TextBox8.Text = Me.WeatherLongi.Value

Me.TextBox7.Text = Me.TimeStamp.Value

Me.TextBox6.Text = ((Me.QNH.Value) / 16).ToString("#.#")




But it read only the last searched by WeatherSet2.

If I insert LIBR in WeatherSet2, it will return LIRF weather.

Then when I open my program (which works with signature=0) and I insert KJFK, the output is the LIRF weather!!!


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Sorry for the delay in replying -- as mentioned in the Announcements above, my wife and I were off touring Argentina & Chile (by steam trains where possible) immediately after I returned to the UK from the AVSIM FanCon in Seattle.

I can do it!!! The problem is the late...!The program is good, I think!

It works, but I have to wait 5 seconds before read updated data!

5 SECONDS...too much! WeatherSet2 need 0.5 SECONDS!!!!

There is a problem!!!

Sorry, the 5 seconds must be in your program somewhere. I cannot debug your program. Add some code to find where the time is going.

I'm afraid I cannot really help with VB (.NET or otherwise), but if you present your code examples I am sure others here will be able to help.



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