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FSUIPC and widefs or dual screens/view problems

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My problem is..without having any mode in the fsx i start the game i try to ender a flight and when i have the 2nd monitor on when the game is loading i see the screen flashes...when the loading is complete i cant see anything the screen flashed sometimes and i see some graphics from the plane... then i hit ESC and end the fligth..to play i must disable the dual view and the 2nd monitor..What can i do for this?anyone who knows the problem ?

I have downloaded the FSUIPC and the widefs from http://www.schiratti.com (A friend told me)

What i want to do is..Play with dual view on my pc and connect other pcs to the FS computer to work them as other screens

I installed the FSUIPC4 4.20 and then run the game..It asked me if i want to run the addon and i clicked yes ..

So what know?i dont see anything changed in the FSX main window to do something...

I run the widefs client in other pcs and its says in the titlebar waiting for connection..(I place the wideserver.dll wideserver.ini in the modules folder of the fsx...)

What else should i do to make them work?Are there any changes i must make in the ini files?

i have just downloaded the files and installed them in the directories...

i've read the user guides but i cant understand somethings...for example in the widefs it says put the files in the module folder and run fsx..then go to the FSUIPC4 options (add-ons menu/,fsuipc entry) and i dont see any add-ons menu :S

please help me

And i apologize for any mistakes in my text.I'm Greek and i don't practice english a lot :lol:

my computer is

Intel Quad 2.4 Ghz

2 G of RAM 1024 buss speed

G-Force 8800 GTS (620 MB)

Asus p5k wifi-ap motherboard

Windows Vista Ultimate

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The screen flashes are because of your video card drivers and Tool Tips being On in FSX. As stated already, Wide FS is not going to move FSX views to other monitors. Wide FS allows you to run certain 3rd party software on a second computer while being connected to FS running on a main machine. It will not add monitors at all.

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JSkorna i know that for widefs..im just asking what i need to do to run widefs on other computers and conect them to my FSX computer...i cant understand the manual..

i thought that it would detect and play automatically on dual view..what should i do with widefs and FSUIPC so i can see picture on other computers

and what should i do to make the game run on dual view ?

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You can't do anything with WideFS and FSUIPC to get dual views.

To get dual views:

If your video card has 2 video outs, use 2 monitors.

If the computers are networked purchase a program called MaxiVista.

Add a second video card and use 2 monitors.

Dual views are usually set up through Windows or through your video card software.

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