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Offset for Flap 30

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Hi Pete, I would be most grateful if you could help me with this. On selection of Flap 30 I would like to trigger a wav file in PMsounds, could you tell me the offset for that flap setting please

There's not an "offset" for each flaps setting. There are offsets for the flap handle positon, for the flap indicator, and for assorted flap angles (outer/inner, left/right, leading edge/trailing edge. See the table in the Programmers Guide (FSUIPC3) or the Offsets Status documernt for FSX.

The easiest one to use if 0BDC, which runs from 0 (flaps up) to 16383 (flaps full down). That's divided roughly equally between the number of notches, so for a 737 with 9 settings you'd get roughly 2048 between each setting. Obviously your "flaps 30" is going to depend on the aircraft, whether 30 is full flaps or one of the intermediate settings.

If you are only interested in "full flaps" then simply check if 0BDC is over 16000. It should be equal to 16383, but it is always dodgy assuming such things.

You can Monitor 0DBC (as a type U32) on the FS window in real time, using the FSUIPC monitoring facilities (right-hand side of the Logging tab). Then you can get the right value specifically for your aircraft.



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