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Major probs with Saitek yoke

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Hi Guys

I have been using PMDG747 without a problem, reinstalled my machine, config FS, didnt use fsuipc, repaired fsx and accelerator, but made no difference, the plane flew lastnight from egll to klax, no probs, left it running all night on test. Just now flew it back from KLAX within 200nm of egll it went crazy.

The plane will descend on its own heavily, and I cannot stop it, the yoke does nothing, in the module it would appear that all controls are working fine, but on the sim when I pull back it sinks, and when pushing forward it levels but still descends!!!

Do you think its the saitek yoke had it??? Or is something else amis ???



(please help)


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Something is really messed up. The altitude says you are skipping just above the ground a long way from your target height. You speed is way below your target and is why the plane it pitching down to speed up. Even your flight FD is telling you to go down. And you fpm gauge is clearly out of whack to give you that sort of figure. Certainly nothing to do with the yoke or FSUIPC (which this forum is for)

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I have this with FSInn. I can fly for ages with out any problem then wham! my plane falls out of the sky with my controls showing crazy values. It's happened a few times but one time I did get a message box from the FSCopilot module and since it only happens with FSInn running against FSX I rarely fly online nowadays and the problem is circumvented. Don't know if that's your problem but it's worth checking.

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yeah its weird, I can fly from EGLL to KLAX be within 20nm of the arrival ap, plane drops........

I have now tested it after reinstall, rebuild of my pc, and so far seems very solid.

I am quite sure it was either my machine being unstable, or my saitek equipment sending out the wrong signal.

Thanks for the advice, I dont fly online at all,

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