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Possible to assign joystick buttons to set coms'

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... setting the Saitek throttle buttons to set the com frequencies?

I am not sure why you are asking such a basic question here. What is the difference between "Saitek throttle buttons" and any old joystick buttons?

You can't really "set" any frequencies with less than 10 or 11 buttons, because they are numeric values not simple on/off switched. All you can do is assign one button to INCrement a frequency and another to DECrement it. For faster action you'd need 4 buttons, one pair for the units, another pair for the fraction, just like using the mouse on the radio stack.

I don't memorise all the names of all the FS control. I'm sure you can look them up yourself just as quickly as I could, and much more quickly than posting a message asking someone to look them up for you. And you can probably assign them in FS itself or FSUIPC.


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Well Pete, I did first look in the FSX assignments and could not find any relative commands to increase and/or decrease the frequencies for either the units or the fractions.

Well, sorry, I don't recall offhand which of the supported FS controls Microsoft bother to list in assignments or not. But that is the first place to look for such standard things.

But what about FSUIPC. Didn't you even find any in FSUIPC's assignment drop downs either? Or haven't you looked yet? I think there are plenty to choose from, depending on whether you want to update the standby then do the swap (in realistic fashion) or not.


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