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FSX Locks Up in FSUIPC Key Presses Tab

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  • 2 weeks later...
When in the section for assigning Key Presses, FSX locks up every time as soon as I start to enter in any field. I then have to go to the task manager and end FSX.

Any idea why this would happen?

No. That's a completely new one. So it doesn't lock up just going there, or selecting the keypress to be assigned? Sorry, but I'm not clear on what you really mean by "start to enter in any field" -- you first have to clcik a button to enter they keypress you are wanting to program.

If some other add-on was capturing keypresses you still expect mouse operations to work even if you could enter nothing in the fields. However, it might be worthwhile doing a process of elimination on any other add-ons you have installed.

The way the keypress assignment dialogue works hasn't changed in the nine years since it was added, and there's never been any problem with it before, but it sounds similar to the problem some folks appear to have with the Registration dialogue in FSUIPC3, one of the few other places where you enter keyboard data. That occasional problem has been going on, in a very small number of cases, for many years, and we've never got to the bottom of it -- there's some add-on (maybe nothing even to do with FS) which must surely be interacting with it somehow.

Is the button dialogue similarly afflicted? Any other symptoms?



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