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Memory allocation

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if i needed a large block to move data back an forth using FSUIPC could I just read and write to the large unused area starting at 8100 without any problems?

On your own system, using a private program? It depends on the version of FSUIPC you are using.

More and more of the "unused" areas are being used. 8000-810D are used in FSUIPC 3, as are areas above C000. The areas below 8000 are fast being allocated for specific applications, and I'll be starting to allocate above 810D in a few months I expect.

In some versions of FSUIPC I used areas 9000-BFFF for exploring other data parts of FS, as a sort of Window, and though I usually turned that off before release, I didn't always.

So, if you are designing something for others to use, I'd say not. If it is for your own private use and you can control whatever else you run, then 810C - BFFF could be used at a pinch.

But WideFS/IPC is not an efficient way of transferring large lumps of data. I would have thought you'd be better off making your own arrangements outside of FSUIPC. You could write a file, for instance, and simply pass the notification and location via FSUIPC. Or you can use pipes, or your own Ethernet links.



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