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Joystick sensitivity

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Is there a way to limit a joystick overall sensitivity within FSUIPC , or we can only set the response curve ?.-

What do you want to achieve with limited sensitivity? That is an ambiguous term. Does a more sensitive axis give finer control (one interpretation), or does it make things change faster (so, coarser control)? Do you want to be able to access the full possible range of movement of the aircraft's control capability, or put upper and lower stops on what it can get to?

FSUIPC's calibration is designed to ALWAYS achieve full control, from minimum to maximum FS capability. So if you aim to prevent, say, full throttle, or full elevator up/down, etc, then I'm afraid FSUIPC will defeat that objective every time UNLESS you use RAW input in FSUIPC's axis assignments, then, after calibration, alter the calibrated values in the INI file so that the min and max values it uses are outside the axis's RAW range. That makes the FS extremes unattainable, as the RAW values can never get there. (You could achieve the same without using RAW mode if the normal non-raw axis inputs are substantially less than 16380 -- that depends on their drivers and what happens in Windows calibration, which would normall scale them).

This cheat is, however, thoroughly NOT recommended. In my opinion you must ALWAYS be able to get to all possible settings FS allows.

So, it comes down to whether you want finer control in the central areas, or courser control. For that it has to be adjustment of the slope. The extremes are "tethered" to achieve the full range, but the spread is placed to give you the "sensitivity" (in whichever possible interpretation you meant it) where you want it.

Incidentally, as far as I can tell, FS's own "sensitivity" is basically a divisor -- it divides the value it receives from Windows calibration by a different amount depending where it is. Effectively the lower you set the slider there, the cheaper and more granular you are making your joystick -- so you can buy a really expensive joystick with maybe 256-512 step resolution on each axis and make it operate worse than one with the usual 32-64 steps (or even less) you can pick up in a toyshop. This is why I always advise setting that at maximum.



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