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SAITEK Pro Flight Throttle problem

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I suspect that my problem is not with FSUIPC at all, but that is where I find it.

I have 2 SAITEK Pro Flight Throttle Quadrants - the stand alone ones, not linked through the yoke. My yoke & pedals are CH. FSUIPC 3.82 registered.

I've installed the SAITEK drivers only (latest version from the website), not the SST programming software. XP SP3 & FS9.1

When I test the quadrants in Control Panel - Game Controllers all 3 axes (X, Y & Z) respond progressively as expected on each quadrant. This tells me that XP at least "appears" to see them all doing what they are supposed to.

However, when I go to FSUIPC Axis Assignment, and try to assign controls to the axes, the X & Y axes on BOTH quadrants do NOT respond progressively, when I look at the numbers. The input numbers stay at -16384 for half the travel distance of the lever, then jump to +16384 at mid point for the rest of the travel distance. The Z axes on both quadrants behave as expected, the numbers change progressively from -16384 to +16384 as the lever is moved.

All axis assignments in FS are deleted, for all 4 joysticks (yoke, pedals TQ1 & TQ2), so assignment is only via FSUIPC.

If I ignore this and just assign anyway, if I assign, say throttle1 to one of the X or Y axes, if I "send to FS as normal axis" as Throttle_1_set, then I get full throttle above centre, and full reverse below centre. If I "send direct to FSUIPC calibration" as Throttle 1, I get idle only up to half way, then full throttle only anywhere above the centre. As I said earlier, this doesn't happen on either of the Z axes, which can be assigned, calibrated and operated normally.

Has anybody experienced this phenomenon, and found a fix to make the X & Y axes read progressively in FSUIPC?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

Steve Hutchison

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