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FSUIPC Payment?

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Please everyone, don't get me wrong on this and I truely understand why someone would start to charge for products they create and develop. However, I do have a complaint.

Pete, you mentioned that shareware products have to pay to use your program. This I feel is a great idea. However, to charge the individual who buy's shareware in addition to using your product is not such a good idea. It's like charging someone to use your business name and charging the clients/customers who service that business additional fees. In a sense your getting paid twice the usual amount.

Perhaps I'm not clear on the subject. But if you have charged these shareware companies a fee, then each company who uses your product should be responsible for making sure that individuals who purchased items recieve a key, rather supplied to the end user by them or yourself.

Again, my point is not with you charging a fee for your product. My complaint is that your fees should be directed at proper entities which aren't the end users.


Jasmine Green

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Perhaps I'm not clear on the subject

Sorry, but you are most certainly not clear at all on the subject. You don't seem to have read the announcements, nor folowed the threads on this which flogged it to death ad nauseam.

The two things are NOT the same. Users are NOT paying me for the right to use add-on programs, whether they be freeware, shareware or out and out commercial. The user registration is for the additional facilities in FSUIPC, those which are completely unnecessary for the interfacing of external programs but nevertheless which are now the bulk of what FSUIPC is all about.

If you only want to run programs and not use any of the facilities, just pay me nothing, don't register.

It says all this in the announcements. It even lists the facilities, briefly. It also spells them out in more detail at the SimMarket registration pages. Read before you buy. If you don't like, don't buy.



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Thanks for clearing that up. I tried to download the new version and it says my active sky program is not accredited which I thought that that meant it would not function. I am willing to make a donation since I can't afford to pay the full cost of the software. However, I did want to make sure that I'm not being charge twice for a product.

Again, thanks for clearing this up.

Jasmine Green

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I tried to download the new version and it says my active sky program is not accredited which I thought that that meant it would not function.

It is going to take a while for all the shareware and commercial, and even freeware, folks to bring out new versions both tested with FS2004 and with the access key built in. Some may simply provide you with an access key to type in (there's a manual "Program Registration" facility in FSUIPC as well, to allow for this).

I am aware that Damian is working on ActiveSky, so please check his support forum to see what progress there is on an FS2004 version. Maybe he can get you a key for the older version too. It is really in his province, rather than mine.

BTW the newer release of FSUIPC I made yesterday (3.01) may wrongly produce a Message Box saying a program is not accredited even if it is. This depends upon the method the program uses to pass they key. I found this bug this morning and have fixed it now, but I will test it a bit more before releasing it in case I've mucked something else up! :cry: It will be version 3.02 and should be available some time tomorrow (Monday).

I'm afraid that the donation system was a bit of a failure ultimately, and is closed. Sorry,


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